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  1. yes that is true tj trainman. eastchester does not want any rts's on the q50 beacause they don't want any breakdowns on the queens side. drivers were warned, & memos are posted " no rts on q50"
  2. i have a very reliable source at eastchester depot and i gave him the list that tj posted & it is 100% acurate as of easter sunday. i don't know if anything has changed since then.
  3. * In revenue service I mean, Ive seen it at the depot but I really want to hear that diesel run, lol

  4. Hey, would you have any tips for me on catching TMC 7184 from LGA? I love that bus but I can never find it

  5. Cool, I always wanted to drive an RTS

  6. sorry didn't know had sent me a message. lol. some 1990 rts buses are actually very good acceleration wise. but some have no power in first gear. when going up a hill you've got to shut-off the a/c. lol. 8300's are no good. 8000's 8100's are very good.

  7. Ah cool, thanks. How you like driving those 1990 TMCs?

  8. hey q25 it's tonecapne(tonecapone it's a typo, lol) i'll give you the rts buses i've been on for the month of sep if that helps. 8118, 8137,8001, 8074, 8070, 8330, 8193. i'll keep you posted privately. every once in a while i'll post publicly

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