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  1. Your observations are consistent with what I was taught 30 odd years ago. From what I’ve been reading lately one major difference in operations is that work trains have been given equality or priority over road (passenger) trains in many instances. Back then the road trains always had priority.I’ve seen complaints about the work train staging on the 4th Avenue BMT but my former work train colleagues say that it’s about time. If your work area is Midtown Manhattan and the consists have to be spotted in a particular order IMO you don’t stage your equipment at CI yard or Pitkin for example. By the time those trains reach the site you’re wasting half your allotted time before work starts. In our case imagine an IRT work train or trains traveling from Westchester yard to Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn or 168st on the nightly. 240th or Livonia couldn’t accommodate that equipment. Instead of a project taking a week or so before completion you’ve stretched it out to a month or more. I am reminded of 55 hour G.O.s at Nevins St where those necessary consists traveled from Westchester in a particular order to arrive onsite and commence work. God forbid if one consist had to be flagged at 10mph or less all the way there. I had a Trainmaster intercede with the work train dispatcher at Westchester one night because he wanted us to flag a train from there to Nevins and I suggested looping it around Bowling Green. I won the battle that night and my Trainmaster and my rabbi made sure that I never had to go back to Westchester again. The dispatcher held a grudge for years I was told. You seem to understand that longer consists create even more problems than they’re worth. If the present regime, and the public, want this work done in a timely matter there will have to be some accommodating done. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  2. Just a question for the forum posters. Does anyone know the folks who run subway dot org? I usually check out the old schedules but a friend pointed out that some context has been rearranged. Specifically the line by line station descriptions. I was asked to check out the IRT Lenox line and noticed the description of the 135th Street station. Did it always describe the station as a 2 track station? It clearly has/had 3 tracks . Did something happen to the third track ? Does anyone know how to contact the people in charge and have the information corrected? Maybe a poster on this site can help? Thanks. Carry on.
  3. There was a reason why the got the R62 fleet rather than the or lines back then. Not the only reason but a major consideration IIRC. My friend who had access to the CED stats always asked me WTF was the issue with the Jerome line. CED had an office next to Command Center at Jay St and each train that reported an issue was noted with the M/M and the C/Rs name and pass number. When he was assigned there certain cars and crew numbers would pop up two or three times a week. After investigating the issue it was determined that the crews were not at fault but rather the equipment itself. As to the post from Lex, the and the didn’t share fleets back in those days as a rule. As far as mixed consists back then the ran with three different kinds of equipment in a nine car train and never had the problems with propulsion the way the did in my experience . Of course I was lucky enough to make maybe 10 trips total in almost 30 years on the . I wouldn’t pick a job on that line if I lived next to the terminal. Carry on.
  4. You probably haven't taken too many RFW rides in the past from the early '80s -about '90 lol. The Joralemon, especially s/b, had many scrape marks on the ceiling before the trains were slowed down. The overpass at the East 180th St station used to provide clear evidence of this when we ran SMEE equipment that was laid up in the yard. Some of the older SMEE cars didn't have the power to make the climb from Bowling Green and Borough Hall and had to be looped at the Green but our equipment didn't have that problem back then. Carry on.
  5. I figured something was lost in translation 😁. I’ve had a free bus and subway pass for almost forty years and I have never made the short trip from Jay to Borough Hall by public transit. Heck, my uncle and I walked it last week and he’s 88 while I’m a kid ( his words) of 70. As someone pointed out earlier in this thread the Downtown Brooklyn area is the hub, the CBD is the destination, so any bus route that does NOT enter this area is , by definition, a waste. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  6. Glad you pointed that fact out. As to the bigger factor how would a state agency go bankrupt without taking the state, it's parent, with it. This ain't Pathmark or Toys R Us shedding contracts.
  7. CBTC failures are network communication errors. They would like to downplay the problem by throwing a little word salad into the mix.
  8. Let me add my two cents to the discussion. This past January marked 50 years that my friend and I entered the Utica Avenue Second System station as provisional RR Porters. Our tour guide that day was a Station Supervisor who, as a longtime Brooklynite, was depressed because that shell had lain unfinished for so long. He's probably passed on by now but my friend and I have taken his place. We passed by a few months ago and after the station rehab we had to figure out how to even gain entry to the shell. Whether it's an IRT or an IND line being proposed our guess is it won't happen in the next 30 years or so. I'm not disputing the need for a line but whether the City of New York or the MTA would ever prioritize or be able to fund such a project. Look at the SAS,the Archer Avenue debacle, or the vanished Third Avenue El and I'd say that anyone optimistic about this project happening is a good candidate for a drug test. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  9. AKA " flashing your motors ". Loved to do this in a yard next to an apartment building or complex. Nothing like setting off sparks in the nighttime when the kids were supposedly asleep.😊
  10. Finally a voice of reason is heard from. The bondholders and the bookkeepers are the powers behind the throne and always have been. Go back to the Board of Transportation, the NYCTA, and now the MTA and its apparent that any improvements only come about when the financial institutions say so. The Governor, or Mayor, is only the public face. Same thing applies to the PANY&NJ. I remember walking around Livonia Yard and , IIRC, the R62a cars were stamped " purchased by the PA " or words to that effect. That agency had the financial resources to make the purchase. I'm old enough to remember when Governor Rockefeller went to war with Robert Moses about the TBTA and the toll money the Governor pulled out the biggest weapon in his arsenal, his brother David, who ran the Chase Manhattan Bank. Moses was permanently neutered from that day forward. Look no further than the bs curve at the north end of SAS phase 2. It was put there to get the northern MTA board members something so they would buy into the SAS picture. I'd bet that Stevie Wonder could see the obvious need for the SAS to continue due north straight into the Bronx Like you rightly pointed out decisions made by people who might as well live in Topeka, Kansas as far as their knowledge of local transportation issues go. The Governor is the public face but the money folk run the show. He's an easy target but that's why the agency was created in the first place. Follow the money trail the bondholders and real estate interests are looking at and then you'll find who runs the MTA. Carry on.
  11. I don't think that the IRT would have traveled very far directly up Lafayette considering that the BMT Myrtle and Lexington Els surround Lafayette up to Broadway. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  12. I must be missing something with your proposal to extend the B59LTD to Utica-Eastern Parkway. Empire and Flatbush is the , stop, right? Empire and Nostrand gives you the , Sterling St. stop. There’s no reason for you to send a bus to the Crown Heights Utica station for a connection AFAIC. Carry on.
  13. They were located at the south end of station and closed probably around the early seventies IIRC. Security probably played a part as well as maintenance. The next station north on the WPR line at Third Avenue had an underpass connecting both sides that was sealed after the Third Avenue El ceased service. I’m gonna guess security was one of the reasons given at that time also. BTW security and maintenance was the excuse for closing the overpass downstairs at Grand Concourse.
  14. Look at today’s train route from Downtown Brooklyn for a general idea about Lafayette service.
  15. @RR503 At 142nd St Junction trains were scheduled as N/B and S/B trains passing each other at the same time and the same thing for service. When we ran the shuttle train it would arrive at 135th St. before the , relay south of the station and proceed north back into 135 middle. We would wait for a N/B to leave , then proceed north and make a reverse move back into the northbound platform and pick up passengers and head back to Lenox Terminal. There was a time when the s/b was delayed at Allerton Avenue in the Bronx by a skating rink crowd and we operated the shuttle down to 96th St so riders could catch the . At the time the shuttle train was only 4 cars and we only opened up one car for service so you could imagine the load. I heard that the four car shuttle actually went down to Times Square one Saturday night. What I’m trying to point out is that there are schedules but good dispatching can overcome the unforeseen circumstances. Carry on.

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