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  1. Since I didn't see an / s at the end of your post I guess you were serious about your post. Let's say a B/O has 55 minutes to get from point A to point B. That's the guideline he/she has to adhere to. Are you actually advocating the B/O should break that guideline because he/she feels like it ? IDK if you are gainfully employed anywhere or if you're a student yet to enter the workforce so here's a bit of advice from someone who put in 30 years in Transit and 50 years total in the workforce. The quickest way to lose a job is to disobey the rules/ guidelines. Unless you own your company you CYA and abide by your employer's rules. That's rule # 1 anywhere you go. Carry on.
  2. I've never understood why Transit and many folks are so determined to create/add service from East New York and Spring Creek toward the Rockaway Parkway L station and surrounding area. I lived near Flatlands and Pennsylvania for 25 years and most people I knew wanted to go north to the IRT or the IND. It was a great day when the B83 was extended from the old terminal at Pennsylvania and Liberty to Broadway Junction. That's when the B20 traveled along Linden Blvd from Pennsylvania Avenue. The Rockaway Parkway wasn't the preferred destination in those days because most riders would transfer from the Canarsie line at Broadway Junction anyway. Just my observation. Carry on.
  3. In the real world if a Target employee flipped me off on Target property he/she would be terminated ASAP. If your screen name, which is a common RTO term, means that you are a Transit employee and displayed the same idiotic behavior as this jerk I'd expect charges to be brought against you up to and including termination. I wasn't present at the scene but no matter what transpired before the video the conductor was dead wrong and there is no justification for his actions. I've been called all types of Maryland Farmer, the N word, and many other racist, sexist, vile words in my career but I was smart enough to avoid making the mistake this person did. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  4. When you mentioned that B78 it brought back memories of a conversation my friends and I had earlier this summer. We were all residents of Flatbush, today’s Prospect-Lefferts, and we all had family living in Bed-Stuy. There were two retired B/Os from ENY depot at the dinner and we were trying to explain to the young people that we didn’t use numbers for bus routes as a rule but street names instead. From west to east we had Flatbush, Rogers, Nostrand and Utica, with the Clarkson and the Church as the west-east lines. Prospect Park gave us the Kingston-Tompkins and the Franklin, with a side route ( B33 ) that nobody we knew took. This was before and after the main streets became one way. B41, B49, B44, B46 from west to east were the north-south lines while the B12, B35 covered the East Flatbush to Flatbush traffic. The B48 was straight up north from Empire Blvd but the B47 did a little west to east stint along Empire before heading north. Meanwhile after Kings Plaza opened the Transit created the B78 which traveled the southern Ralph Avenue portion to the Sutter Rutland IRT station on the East Flatbush-Brownsville border. Perhaps you can help me out here. When the old B40, “the “ Ralph Avenue bus to Bed-Stuy and Brownsville residents was discontinued from the eastern terminal why not rename the B78 to B40, at least for some continuity ? One of the B/O s at the dinner actually worked the Kingston Avenue version of the B47 for a time when it came out of ENY and he said it made no sense to the operators and the riders he knew when the old B47 was renamed to the B43. He said that was one of the reasons he went to a B45 Hawk and then a shifters job at East New York leading to retirement. We all agreed that the folks in charge screwed the pooch by not naming the B78 to B40 or even B43. I remember that BrooklynBus tried to explain the reasoning one time but, as I said to the Surface folks that day, now you see why the rest of put in our papers. There’s a lack of input from the riders and the employees on the ground IMO. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  5. I actually worded #1 wrong.. The B41 to Empire (early ams) I watched used to pop up as a s/b B44 from Eastern Parkway when I first started watching BusTime. I only remember one run doing that. That Church Avenue B41 drove me crazy. I checked B49 and B44 trips s/b from that area and could not find that particular bus number anywhere. Never occurred to me that the bus was NIS from there. I want to thank you and B35 for the help. Let’s see what other secrets I can dig up 😁. Carry on.
  6. Totally out of left field questions that maybe my Surface folks can answer. Been looking at BusTime for a few weeks and I'm at a loss with Brooklyn service. All hours. 1 Where does a n/b B41 to Church go after reaching that stop? B41 to Empire ? 2 B49 s/b to Foster and Flatbush head to the depot, right? Late night B49 to Ave S, likewise? 3 B16 n/b to Lefferts Gardens late night (last one ?) seems to disappear at Prospect Park. 4 B44 n/b to Fulton Street loops back to Nostrand for s/b service, right? What happens to the s/b runs to Avenue X ? Questions for a curious person with mucho free time. Carry on.
  7. Your reasoning about shopping and bus travel hits the proverbial nail on the head. Rode a B26 operated by a family member this summer from Broadway to Downtown Brooklyn. Had to cut him loose on the return trip when the shoppers, the rugrats, and the bags took over most of the space. He teased me afterwards when he pointed out the difference between a M/M and a B/O. I was secluded from the general public but he was in the midst of it. His father, a B/O , was the one that told me to go the RTO route in the first place. His father and I are going to get together with another retired B/O and bus fan in Brooklyn after the Christmas shopping season 😁. We may be old but we ain't stupid. Carry on.
  8. The part you're overlooking boils down to two things. " Comfort" and "convenience" . Let's say I'm located near Pennsylvania and Flatlands Avenue in Spring Creek. IIRC you're familiar with the area. Okay my destination is Kings Plaza. I own a car, or have a few bucks in my pocket. I'm a supporter of better mass transit but my question to you is as follows. Do I take a B82 or B6 bus to Ralph Avenue and transfer to a s/b B47 ? Choice #2 is to use a car service for the same trip ( I have the ducats). Choice #3 is to take my own vehicle, turn on the XM radio and travel at my own convenience. You make the choice. BTW I shop at Best Buy, Microcenter, and Amazon. Depends on price and convenience, at least to me. YMMV but your blanket statement doesn't apply all the time. Just my opinion though. Carry on.
  9. Like you said "some" retirees. I loved the 62A's and R142's and hated the Kawasaki counterparts. Then again I loved my Redbirds ( 8806-9075) more than anything else we had in the IRT back then. To each his own I guess.😊 Carry on
  10. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you. It's a game being played by the that some of us warned about from the beginning. Wait 'til one of those artic run jobs goes uncovered for a day and maybe some people will understand what I'm trying to point out. You'd think that the second busiest route in NYC would have a service increase. Sounds like the people who urinate on a person's leg and try to pass it off as rain. My opinion. Carry on.
  11. If wait times are increased but they run fewer buses, no matter the size, how is this better? If the ridership numbers remain the same all it adds up to is longer waits. The same amount of people are still being transported by my calculations. When it’s 20 degrees outside and Mr. Wind, aka the Hawk, is kicking butt I doubt if everyone will feel the same way you do. I never expected to see someone agreeing with a service cut , as per the Daily News article, on a transit advocacy forum. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  12. How does this mesh with today's Daily News article about reductions in B46 service across the board ? I'm using spotty wifi on a tablet so maybe I'm misreading the article? Help this old man out please. Carry on.
  13. Actually the NYPD doesn't control which tracks are electrified or not in most cases. NYPD will notify RCC or an RTO supervisor on the scene to make the determination. Years ago I was operating my train s/b and made a stop at Baychester. There was a large black garbage bag laying across the running rails about 50 feet in front of me. I detected movement and decided to investigate. Lo and behold there was a despondent man wrapped up in the bag who claimed to be suicidal. I called Command Center and requested power removal on my track and returned to the man but kept my distance. In the meantime 2 rookie NYPD officers showed up and, without thinking, approached the man. I used a profanity and called them over to me and told them to stand by my train and wait until the lights and AC went off. The man's hands were almost touching the third rail when I originally spoke to him and a light mist was in the air. Finally the power was removed at the same time their sarge and his driver showed up . When we were all on the platform and I told the sarge exactly what happened he told the rookies that they risked their lives being on the tracks without knowing the power situation. As they were leaving I asked the console dispatcher to restore power and he told me to wait for the motor instructor to arrive on the scene. My RTO folks know him as #1 but he was a motor instructor on the 5 line back then. I used my cellphone ( big no-no) while he called from East 180th Street and power was restored finally. I got to New Lots Yard, made my layup, and proceeded to call Command Center. The Desk Superintendent took the phone from the console dispatcher and said he had talked with the motor instructor about the power restoration issue I had with the console dispatcher. By rule ,at that time, the person asking for a power removal was the only one allowed to ask for the power to be restored unless a supervisor was present. That meant me. The supervisor couldn't get to the scene. The Desk Superintendent said that there were so many new T/O s on the road that the console dispatchers would routinely ignore the rules and wait for a supervisor to arrive on the scene. He said that #1 had vouched for me and that he also knew my rabbi personally. My RTO folks know why I worded the power off situation the way I did. You know what I didn't say. Carry on.
  14. Long before tagging trains became an issue. That’s what I was getting at. I actually lived near the line when Lo-Vs were the mainstay. Heck I frequently went to Fortunoff’s stores on Livonia by Pennsylvania Avenue. Mid Fifties -‘60. Saw the to Dyre appear and watched the last part of the Van Dyke and the whole Tilden houses being built. Swam at Betsey Head pool. Even then there was no graffiti on the trains. I think it was 20-25 years before the practice started and transit realized that storing equipment on the structure was a losing proposition 😁. Thanks for the post. Brings back some memories I’d kind of forgotten. Carry on.
  15. I highly doubt that anyone would consider storing trains on a center track between New Lots and the portal to Utica 😀. Perhaps using it for service changes has some merit but the costs associated with interlocking(s) at New Lots, Junius St, and the portal to Utica would garner an inevitable resounding no vote from Signals and Track departments. I can almost guarantee that . The obvious nonstarter is that whom would benefit from such an expenditure besides people going to an from New Lots station itself ? I realize the poster was being rhetorical with the question but it amazed me that anyone would really consider the idea as a realistic one and make plans for it. Your take and that of my RTO buddy who mentioned the "express" intervals somewhat restored my faith in posters in general. Thank you. Carry on.

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