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  1. Happy Birthday Vinny.....wish you many many more to come

  2. Happy Birthday Chris....I wish you many many more to come!

  3. I was on-board but didn't get no vid @ all b/c the (MTA) workers blocked the RFW....today everything just annoyed me!

  4. TTMG ppl wasn't there. I was with Shane...I got subway vids and pics and that was it. We left and did other stuff!

  5. I guess you missed that thread where Westchester County set up 3 different months where you can ride the Bee Line system for free expect for the BxM4C having to something with shopping! http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13035

  6. Tkanks for the compliment...but I don't like how i smile in pics!

  7. Happy Birthday Mark and I wish you mant many more to come!

  8. Thanks but Shoreliners is a commuter railcar!

  9. I didn't do the (1) Shuttle bus this weekend.....I'm sure they used those garbages of OG's!

  10. 501 means its a 40ft bus....I prefer the NG's, D60HF, RTS's for the (1) Shuttle)!

  11. The only New Flyer low floor is the C40LF and those are pure garbage, they look like garbage and they sound like garbage!

  12. I can deal with the NG's b/c those are 20x better than the OG's....the OG's were garbage from day one and its still garbage now!

  13. The NG's already had a demo.....and MTA ordered the OG's b/c they thought they was the best buses.....they felt mighty stupid OG's are Old Garbage

  14. I like the NG CNG and HEV....the OG HEV and CNG sucks....they are garbages of crap!

  15. LMAOOOOO....shush Chris!

  16. Anytime and thanks Vinny!

  17. Nothing much...how are you?

  18. Thanks for the offer, but I don't want a R-160 F.I.N.D screen!

  19. Happy Birthday and I wish you many many more to come!

  20. Happy Birthday and enjoy your special day :tup:!

  21. Happy Birthday and I wish you many many more to come!

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