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  1. Ah cool, thanks. How you like driving those 1990 TMCs?

  2. How's it goin Dante? Havent heard from ya in a while, just checking!

  3. What chartered fantrip were you speaking of on the JFK pics thread? Im curious

  4. Dont know anything about hirement @ MTA, but check the forum about transit careers.

  5. Maybe like 6401/6402/6485/6468 IIRC
  6. Nvm I found out that my camera does not have the option.
  7. Noob question- Which setting is for 1/125 I got all the 1", 1"3, etc.
  8. Sorry, I dont know about it.

  9. 3800 is gone from the roadeo as of today.
  10. They're officially going to CS????
  11. I dont think anyone knew past the SI placing, although I bet QV could get some.
  12. I bet these will end up at CS. But wasnt 3805 the training bus?
  13. CAS screws it up, ONCE AGAIN. I hope they do go to CS, and at the same time I dont, one reason because Ill get to ride them often, but then we all know CS also sucks, even though they're better.
  14. Omg someone used my vid for an example MY LIFE HAS MEANING! j/k
  15. Wow it sounds like a 1999 NovaBus! Was the A/C on?
  16. Omfg! I Waited At St George For 2 Hours Until 12:50 For Them!
  17. Seriously?? I wasn't the one who spotted it, someone said it on transitstuff, for the record, lol/
  18. Has anyone actually seen them in service? I searched for a while today, and looked in the depot besides many of the CAS lines and couldnt find one at all.
  19. I heard about 3805. ..Where are 3803 and 3804
  20. THEY ARE HERE! Two NGs, 3800 and 3801 are at Castleton, and will be in service tomorrow!

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