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  1. Hi. Are you Chipper like everyone says?

  2. Since I have seen this being posted by Chipper10 of bustalk and a few other people many times also on bustalk and I'm not this Chipper10 guy, but I do happen to be very intetested in what the desination side readings are for the V train that are programmed on the R160 cars. If anyone out there has any of the side readings, I would love for you to post them up. And reminding all of you that I am not this Chipper10 guy from bustalk, just letting everyone know on this site.
  3. With the M train likely now going to terminate at Broad St instead, why not do the M/V combination instead and run those 8 car train R160 on the V train.
  4. Someone on bustalk posted it about the possibility of a Newark Airport to Staten Island Bus Service before the opening of Charleston Depot. This is how the bus service should be operated, operate a S98 along Forest Av which would be an extension of this service and it would operate 7 days a week from 5:00am to 1:00am with a stop or two along the way. If any of you heard of different story about this service or if you happen to know the proposed service and it's alternatives, please post up on what you might have heard, I would very much like to hear from all of you.
  5. I think I know on why the "F" train is getting about 5 to 8 car sets of R160 cars. I think is because some of the R160 cars are bumping off the R46 from the "F" train is probably because some of those R46 cars are probably going to the "G" train for it's extension to Church Av so they need to have more cars to extend the "G" train. When this happens, there will be 520 Kawasaki cars and 60 Alstom Cars at CI Yard for a total of 580 cars and with the "N" trains running 23 car sets. the "Q" train running 18 car sets and the "W" train running 11 car sets, most likely the "N" train will get all 230 R160 23 car sets, the "Q" train will get all 180 R160 18 car sets for a total of 410 R160 cars running on both the "N" and "Q" trains. In regards to the "W" train, there will probably be some BUT NOT all R160 cars and some R68/A cars since there will be extra R68/A cars but 25 car sets they are assigned to the "B" train today will have a total of 200 R68/A cars, there will be 130 extra R68 cars left so that is probably why the "W" train will get some of those extra R68/A cars and some of the R160 cars and give the rest of the R160 cars to the "F" train. That is probably the reason on why the "F" train is getting some R160 cars for CI Yard.
  6. Where did you hear that it is in the MTA 2014-2017 Capital Plan, they haven't even released this plan yet.
  7. Have anyone of you transit workers(subway workers) have heard of anything about bringing back the old 6th Av/Broadway-Brooklyn service "KK","K" train service anytime in the forseeable future. I had a proposal on how this service can work(if restored) and here it is: Replace the "M" train in Northern Brooklyn and Queens with the "V" train but use the "M" train cars due to the fact that longer R46 cars can't run on this line and operate the "V" train between Middle Village-Metropolitan Av/Forest Hills-71 Av all day on weekdays, late nights and weekends, the "V" train would operate as a shuttle between Myrtle Av and Middle Village-Metropolitan Av. The R46 cars that were running on the "V" train would then be transferred over to the "G" train to restore the 6 car trtains on that line. Extend the "W" train into Brooklyn o replace the Southern Brooklyn part of the "M" train between Whitehall St and Bay Parkway, with the 520 Kawasaki cars and 60 Alstom cars all going over to the "N","Q" and "W" trains for a total of 580 cars and extra R68/A cars since these cars are going to the "B" train and again, extras left over, there would be enough cars to extend the "W" train into Southern Brooklyn. Any comments you would like to share on my ideas that I just mentioned above, please post them up.
  8. So, will the R160 finally be making it's debut on the F train this Monday, October 27th and if they do make it's debut, are they going to use the 60Alstom cars (I believe 8653-8712). Please post up any confirmation you might have concerning this matter.
  9. Right after the Culver Viaduct project is completed in 2012, this is how the plans for F and V trains in Brooklyn would be. All F trains would operate express between Jay St and Church Av stopping at 7th Av and all stops between Coney Island and Church Av during weekdays, late night and weekends, F trains would make all stops between Jay St and Coney Island. V trains would make all stops between Jay St and Church Av weekdays only. Any comments or if you have heard something like this, please post up your comments, I would very much like to hear on what you have to say on this.
  10. Will both these express routes be changed when Charleston Depot opens to serve more of the South Shore of Staten Island where there are huge parts of this area that has NO express bus service. If anyone of you has heard that they might change to serve more of the South Shore after Charleston Depot opens or have a brief descipition, please post up your comments.
  11. This is how the bus route depot assignments be when Charleston Depot opens. Castleton:S40/90,42,46/96,53,54,57,60,66,67,93. X10/11,12/42,13.14,16,18,20,30. Yukon:S44/94,48/98,51/81,52,55/56,59,61/91,62/92,74/84,76/86,78,79. X2/3/9,15,31. Charleston:X1/4/5/6/7/8,X17/19,22,23,24. Any comments, please post up, I am looking forwarded to listening to your comments that you posted.
  12. So, does anyone know on what the R38 cars will be replaced with out of 207th St Yard, I heard that it could be the R46 cars. Can anyone confirm this.
  13. Will the R160 come to Jamaica Yard for F train service, if they do come, how many R160 cars will come to Jamaica Yard and how many will be assigned to the F train. In addition, how many R32 Phase I, R42MK and R46 cars will be at Jamaica Yard if and when the R160 cars all arrive at Jamaica Yard.
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