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  1. Smith Haven: Fixed to use Burr, but due to space constraints I'll have to show the paths in a simplified way on Burr, or else it'll become a spaghetti mess with all the turns and the number of routes. It won't be perfect, but it'll be readable. I can revisit it when I improve my software.


    7D: Fixed the turns onto and off Montauk Hwy. That Bonney Dr jog might have been a temporary construction reroute judging from pics on StreetView.


    Stony Brook: The S60 and S69 have been moved.


    S71: Thanks, the schedule map suggested that but it just didn't seem right.


    Riverhead: Yes, please let me know. I plan on looking at this area in detail in the next major version.


    10D/10E: 10E fixed to not run on Saturday (might not show up right away, but it's fixed locally)


    S62: Added the 5A parallel routing as a 'limited' segment. (I usually don't show trips that are only once a day)


    Hauppauge: I will do a batch update on all routes through here 'soon'. (the S62 and S54 are also incorrect here)

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