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Status Updates posted by fatguyonadiet

  1. Smith Haven: Fixed to use Burr, but due to space constraints I'll have to show the paths in a simplified way on Burr, or else it'll become a spaghetti mess with all the turns and the number of routes. It won't be perfect, but it'll be readable. I can revisit it when I improve my software.


    7D: Fixed the turns onto and off Montauk Hwy. That Bonney Dr jog might have been a temporary construction reroute judging from pics on StreetView.


    Stony Brook: The S60 and S69 have been moved.


    S71: Thanks, the schedule map suggested that but it just didn't seem right.


    Riverhead: Yes, please let me know. I plan on looking at this area in detail in the next major version.


    10D/10E: 10E fixed to not run on Saturday (might not show up right away, but it's fixed locally)


    S62: Added the 5A parallel routing as a 'limited' segment. (I usually don't show trips that are only once a day)


    Hauppauge: I will do a batch update on all routes through here 'soon'. (the S62 and S54 are also incorrect here)

  2. Hi,

    I've fixed the Smith Haven Mall routes, the S66 at SCCC, the Coram Plaza routing (I think), and the S61/63/54/40 routings at Patchogue. Thanks again!

    For the 7D, can you clarify this? The schedule lists Mastic Rd and Montauk Hwy as a timepoint and the map on the schedule sure looks like it uses Mastic Rd. What route does it take instead of Mastic Rd?

    For Stony Brook, I updated the 3D and the S71. Can you confirm that I got those right before I change the others on the below link? (or does it use the other loop on John Toll? Or am I completely wrong?)

    LI Transit map (Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE), Huntington Area Rapid Transit (HART), Suffolk Transit and Long Beach buses, and LIRR trains (Saturday)

    Thank you for your help,


  3. Thank you so much. I will start going through these and fixing them. I had a feeling I got the SUNY-SB routings wrong.

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