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  1. ask the politely? i just shove my way right in,these teeny boppers nowadays think they're the tuffest in the world.they only learn to be humble when somebody cracks their little asses.
  2. i haven't applied to bombardier or alstom.my goal is to get in to nyct,the benefits are much better and it's something permanent.kawasaki only has work when there are projects rolling,otherwise they start laying off,and that sucks my friends.although we have alot of projects coming up.we got the path PA5 project,we have the R157 project (flatcar maintenance cars which is my personal favorite) and we have some more option cars for the R160 trucks,i think it's something like 400.but still trying to move forward you know.
  3. I'm new to this forum but a little about myself. I'm a rail car tech for kawasaki rail car.we basically assemble the new R160's head to toe.I have a prick manager(well they're pretty much all pricks in there) and I am looking to stay within the rail car industry but for the city and hopefully move on to better things.rail car tech in kawasaki doesn't pay well. I'm interested in becoming a train operator/conductor don't know how to go about doing it though. what are the requirements? do I need college? how much do they pay? thanx to all in advance. cleverlyslick
  4. but didn't the run the same line as the ? the only exception was that it used to skip some stops like 190th and 215 or something like that.
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