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  1. Yea, my husband is one of them. They start "posting" next week. Whatever that means...
  2. It can't be frozen. My husband got a letter last month to come in and do the medical stuff. He starts Nov. 17th. He got called off of the Conductor exam given in 2004 and he got a score of 94!. I understand the confusion and frustration.
  3. My husband starts training as a conductor on Nov. 17th. How long does it last? They gave him info about the clothing he is supposed to report in until he gets his uniform. When do they give out uniforms? I need to know how many blue shirts he'll need in the meantime. The insurance packet says that health insurance does not kick in for about three months, which company do you recommend HIP or GHI? My husband was able to pass the vision test without his glasses. He was then told to try it with his glasses also. Now his paperwork says he must wear them. Can he change this? How? He really doesn't need them and has a hard time keeping up with them. Any special advice for him to have going in? About training, paperwork,etc?
  4. My husband was medically cleared (he had been on hold) for C/R in the beginning of June. But told the class was full and he had to wait for the next one. Anyone have any idea when that might be? Is there any way to check his status?
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