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  1. I tell ya... Time is going fast.. Things have gotta slow down these days!

  2. I do hope we get another mild Winter, like last year. Don't mind a snowy day, one day.... But MILD is what I like! Extremely Cold or Hot.. No Thank You!

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    2. Threxx


      @Mark: It was 2010. I hated that...

    3. mark1447


      Thats fine if you hated it... But I sorta found it awesome going through one. Hope for an0ther!

    4. 4P3607


      the MTA did not prepare for that snowstorm at all. Too bad I wasn't there for the R160 siemens (R)


  3. Hey, how did you activate the Latest Visitors?

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    2. IRT Bronx Express

      IRT Bronx Express

      Options -> Comments & visitors -> Show last 5 visitors.


      And hi. :P Tis going to be a busy day, I won't be back until later. How's life treating you?

    3. mark1447


      Shoot, this didn't alert me.


      Doing great, only one more week till the T/A finally releases the answers for the Traffic Checker, so i can get my results.


      Still in skool?

    4. IRT Bronx Express

      IRT Bronx Express

      Cool, you're going to be an MTA employee? I'm not in college though, i'm enrolled in a training program for computers.

  4. Happy Birthday dude! And Enjoy it =)!

  5. Happy Birthday BX55 +Select ;)! Enjoy being 100% LLLLEEEEEEEEEGALLLLLLL :P

  6. the Hamster place if i shall say.. Since he mentions he likes TGs so hes "g*y"


    Besides i wouldnt imagine if that other dude was Javier, if u know who he is/

  7. Happy Birthday and Enjoy!

  8. No I did not. And why should i bother especially with the bad things u did before to me.. Someone else may have reported u or something.

  9. Happy Birthday Mr. Redbird on THE <5> :P!


  11. Happy Birthday Robert Runner 5.0 SP494949494949494949494949449 xD

  12. Happy Birthday Mr. Bee-Line! Do you do runs in the northern section or southern sections?

  13. I will and keep it up (2)! Thanks ;)!

  14. hope u know its mate 0zzy:) btw sent u a new invite for for next wk/oct(out of state) hope to see u then

  15. Fred you rock! Gotta hang with u someday again. Might even hang with ya to philly, if things go well in oct. AND head to you with kev, noel, greg, etc 8-)! My BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 0=)!


    Hopefully i get some money tp head there.



    nah but look good here man! Glade connor aint seeing this or he'd be saying Shoreliner to me >_<

  17. just being random lol.


    Btw until what time did that 62a with rfw stood in service yesterday?

  18. dont start the flaming :P

  19. how long did u and robert stayed at dyckman and did u guys head out of the 1 after? Me kev/noel went to 66th on Corona62A then chilled for the night Columbus Circle?

  20. Happy Birthday man =)!

  21. Happy Birthday Mr (B)(Q) BRIGITON BEACH 68 :cool:

  22. ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipZZZZZZZZZZZ :P

  23. dont worry ill stop at your station next time lol and im gonna take a long nap there and take that sign u have up "PROPERTY OF THE LRG" gonna put "PROPERTY OF MARK" :P

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