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  1. Oh boy, I'm really sorry to know about that. Just don't listen to them, you can keep taking as much photographs as you like, you're doing a great job on them. If they don't know the rules, then don't bother. I can't believe railfans are under so much scrutiny and suspicion just for taking photographs, like we have sinister plans. That's not right.


    However, for me it's the opposite, whenever I take photographs of subway cars, the workers often close the doors in the train, all of them, while I take photos of the car inside. They let me be. I had over 15 police officers pass by me, with one asking "Why are you taking photographs, buddy?" I replied "I just want to show these photos to my friends, he's like "Okay go take photos, but don't go trespassing into restricted areas, okay." I said, I won't.


    Still I take precautions as to what goes on and watch out for those working meanies, never ran into them, but there's a good chance I will. Railfan for life ^_^

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