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  1. Here are shots / clips I have taken... Including Maryland's MARC service (Doing Amtrak Holiday Extra Service from NYC to/from D.C.)... Plus Amtrak and New Jersey Transit HBLR.... ENJOY =)~|~(=! LRT First Now......Railroad: [#1054] [#1063] Videos: MARC [1063 / 1056] > NJT NEC/NJCL > HBLR Trains MORE clips can be found on by tube!
  2. Wow man, didn't know you were in the Hospital. Hope things are going well for you! And yes, while it would be awesome in certain peoples mine to propose a load of ideas, it just won't work in reality. Maybe SOME of it, IF it benefits others and the funding is available. You said nothing about the 3 related to the 5/6 in your post... But 1 White Plains yes.. And yeah of course the 3 is fast, its an Express route..... As for all the other "improvements"... I'm not gonna answer. Money is being thrown with all these configuration. I WILL give you credit though, on the 40 heading to the Bronx all times (not just Rush hours). This will give relief to the 42 bus and lessing the transfering between the 40 / 42 at Mount Vernon... Since there ARE Bronx riders who come off the 40 as well. The 41... eh its good during RH... And for the 14................ Yeah Ill just keep my mouth shut with that route, you take a ride on it LOLz.... The only thing I'll say, it isn't a REALLY heavy route... Just moderate to low in most portions of it. You get a ride on it and see what you think. Been there plenty!
  3. Love it! Hopefully next week I can grab this. Curious tho... How many diesel runs are done along the LB branch? And has the FR branch had any diesel runs lately?
  4. Not gonna answer all this.... Since I already gone through all this about spending... But the 5 being slow?!?! Bro I know you have all these ideas, but I'm very curious on how many times during the year you ride a BL bus. Since some of these ideas are gonna cost $$$$ and doesn't make sense. Going back to the 5 being slow, the 5 is NOT slow. Matter of fact, I'll take that over a 1 or a 6 to get from WP to/from Yonkers. The 5 is pretty fast going down NY9A (Saw Mill River Rd). Just gotta deal with about a nice 15-20min on NY119, before heading the "Express" like service.. For the Harrison portion, I can't give an answer... Never been on that portion. The 6 would come out second behind it, since it sticks to NY100B (Dobbs Ferry Rd), after NY119, which skips Elmsford, and head down 9A to Ardsley Ave and heads to Yonkers towards US9. The 1W ill place that on 3rd... Takes much more time compared to the 5/6.. BTW who are the people who hate the 1W? Frankly, if you needed Getty Sq service, there is the 5 / 6... The 5 is about 50min from the Plains to the Square... The 3 would be about 15-20min less... But even that the 5 is not toooooooooo long of a ride... Now... for those who need service to the Bronx, you won't be seeing a high amount of passengers needing service from the Plains to Van Cortlandt on the 1. Most riders from the Bronx are mainly those going to Yonkers, except some folks going to/from the Plains for work. Mainly routes like the 20 / 60 you would have riders stay on to get to the Bronx. Thats why, you see those routes operating everyday.
  5. The only announced event that is suppose to happen is the GCTs Train show: http://www.grandcentralterminal.com/go/mallevents.cfm?eventsonly=1 (Nov 21 - Feb 12) For the R1/9, if it were to be cancelled this year (unknown), I wonder if this would be the first time... But I could care less. Same thing and line every year... I like how someone says 11/29 it starts, in that page... A Thursday... lol... Even tho it is BS..
  6. Your damn right it is! Heh, heading further into Westchester and above gets pretty interesting too Thanks all!
  7. You've gone west YES! Even got a Silverliner 5! Great shots bro! Glad to help you too !
  8. Man dude, you've got tons of questions going on here from you... Do a bit of searching, because there ARE similar threads to this.......
  9. Let's not center it only on NYCT... Its everywhere. Ain't going no where. Besides, there are way more issues in this world to deal with, then a can of spray being used.
  10. It has been almost 40 years since the Apollo 17 mission last landed a man on the moon. It may not take anywhere near that long before we send astronauts back to the moon's neighborhood. Space.com reports that NASA is seriously looking at sending out a new manned moon mission with the purpose of creating a manned outpost beyond the far side of moon and eventually visiting an asteroid in 2025. This may not physically land a human on the moon, but it would establish a deep space outpost as a base for research and missions. President Obama's reelection could smooth the way for plans that have already been under consideration. Back in 2010, Obama affirmed a commitment to manned space exploration despite putting an end to NASA's moon program at the time. Space.com suggests the Obama administration has already approved new mission plans that could involve parking a spacecraft near the moon. Read More: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57547097-1/nasa-to-announce-new-manned-moon-missions/
  11. Nice shots. I see another CCNY batch. I guess you go to college there?
  12. Some shots from before and after the snow that passed! Enjoy =)! ....Sunset - on - Hudson.... Videos...
  13. I call it both. And I do like it in ways... Especially outside of buildings Murals too~
  14. I do hope you realize that graffiti exist in the system... Mainly in the tunnels. But could happen outside of it too. Unless your just talking about the particular face. I don't know.
  15. 13 to me is just a regular number. I could careless for it being superstitious... I don't even believe in that crap anyways...
  16. What does toooooooooo many stops have to do with anything? Other routes have a lot of stops. Lets make it worst... the 14! But by ridership similar to the 20, the 40 and the 60 has a lot of stops as well.. Ok now your running in circles. The Expresses are mainly used during the Rush hour when ridership is higher. Frankly, I don't see much of high ridership outside RH. The 5/6 I see with a lot of people. Especially those going to Nepperhan Avenue on the 5, and US9 on the 6. Once you get to Broadway/Main, its not that high, even tho people will transfer to a 1 or 2 to head to the Bx. The 1Ws alternative is of course the 6 and the 13, which is good enough at the moment. I will give you credit for the 1T. I don't see a huge number of people riding that route. Frankly, I would have the 2 bus replace that route, but select trips only. The 1W will still be present.
  17. I'm sure a few fans went to chase this in the colddddddddddd
  18. I'm shocked your still wetting your pants since the 68s debuted on the G...
  19. Nice... Saw these before I think.
  20. I know LL operates it, but they don't budget it. Thats coming from Westchester Co.
  21. Regardless of a sign like that, if you live in the city, you should already know the system. Its common sense. If you live along the Concourse line, you should already know what time Express starts or when the heads to Bedford or ends at 145, which route goes where, etc. If you are traveling from one borough to another and don't know, then you read the signs in the station, trains or look at the timetable. <<<< A LOT of people don't do this. Tourist I'll give them a break, but people within the city, don't think so...UNLESS they are new to certain areas or have bad memory. You don't have to be a buff to know all this. Heh, I've been in this city for years and I already know my way around. If I don't know something, I get a map and/or timetable and do some quick studying.. << Smart move!
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