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  1. mark1447


    Thank you all for the warm welcome~~
  2. dang I know the abandoned side, I could of swarn no one was allowed on that side, if im wrong... And thanks I enjoyed, first time at a Tour like that
  3. nice pablo, i was a part of it, i was the guy carring a laptop black back and a brooklyn to the bx shirt btw i love pics , how did u get pic 5 like that =|
  4. mark1447


    thz seems much friendly then *The other place we were at * lol, but thanks cirtus and orion =)
  5. mark1447


    thanks for the welcome guys
  6. mark1447


    hey, im mark, 18, Ive seen this forum a lot, very nice and so on.. Im from BVEstation, and transitstuff. People call me Mark, matt(which I name my self on a website i own) or wat ever lol. I know a few people, like curake, pablo and so on Interested in Computer, technology, MTA NYC Subways Favorite A division/ IRT routes= White plains and a Lil of the Flushing Train Car: R32, R33Goh smee, 62A and 142 Original Bus route: MaBSTOAs Bx19, 40, 42 RTS versions when I finish HS is Jan 09, gonna start working with TA as C/R for 5 yrs and then motorman (t/o) =D hopefully like i said Nice site, keep up the good work, hope to participate thanks! And thanks for allowing me to join:cool: btw this forum rocks better!!
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