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  1. The Bad B0y is 0utzzzz! Dont worry about the timing... That can be figured out... But it is 0utz. Just Enjoy and happy hunting =)! Extras... FISHY Video of the XD60:
  2. When you get banned from the forums for your trolling, thats when the swaps will start !
  3. Nope has nothing to do with that and the answers are wrong. But for all these routes... Ill hint.. has to do with one of em not making a "connection "with something. And no its not the or 6.
  4. I tell ya... Time is going fast.. Things have gotta slow down these days!

  5. M79 is the only route in here with a stop in CP?
  6. Ever heard of R142A ? Same for the 142s.
  7. No....leave it as is.. You got the (2/5) for that. The only reason why you see 62s passing in the Bx is foe cleaning purposes at E239 YD.. Same for the r142a
  8. Well I'm too lazy to post it.... As the answer is clearly inside the timetable...
  9. Depending on what time you catch the Shuttle. About 3 Shuttle runs go to/from Stamford on Weekdays, as per the timetable. The rest would be the bomber. All other times, you would just go on the New Haven Bound train and get off at South Norwalk for the Shuttle. http://www.mta.info/mnr/html/planning/schedules/pdf/NH%20MF%20REV%20OFFICIAL%20JULY%202%202012.pdf
  10. I can picture it now... A few folks getting wet reading all this~~~
  11. If your saying reroute the Bx41 +SBS completely via 3rd Ave, thats a negative. Tons of folks on Webster won't be pleased. Passing the 41 a lot, sees crowds during the RH. I would actually keep the Bx55. While things for it is at the medium, it could continue to give customers an alternative to the Bx41 SBS which could likely hit the crowd mark. (Rush hours mainly). If anything, the Bx55 could just turn into another M98, by making it Rush hours instead.
  12. The Bx55 doesn't run on Weekends, late eves and nights. For 24/7 service, you got the Bx15 for that. That could be why the Bx41 is selected. Well it gives people at 96th Street access to the 60 for LGA service. Especially since i do notice folks getting on at 106th. Makes me wonder if some of them also come from below that stop. The only issue is, parking. I don't know if the MTA would have the lay over where the M96/106 are located at West End Ave. Its full enough..
  13. Ok Ok, Im sure Mr. TransitMan was joking or not, but who cares anyways..... The point is, there are lots of crazy sh9t happening in the system... I remember once A homeless guy taking a sh9t in between the cars on the train a while back ... The whole train was stinking like a$$.......... Someone actually crossed in between the cars after the men left, and got poop under his shoes...... Just another NYC Subway Classic...........
  14. I think he meant to ask IF the Bx50 were to come, what depot would it be based out of..... That would be West Farms..... We know the bx50 won't come of course..
  15. Well so long "Bx50". But its better to use a current route, rather than making a new one. If the Bx41 gets extended to LGA, maybe a stop at 31st St would be fine. After 31st, no stops till the Airport. Its long enough.
  16. The only book I have is the Evolutions of the NYC Subway, which is pretty much from the 90s. The highest current fleet in the book, is the R142 prototype. I believe this became the successor of that book: http://www.transitmuseumstore.com/drupal/shop/books/james-clifford-greller-new-york-subway-cars-r-1-r-160-book (Links to others can be found inside) There is also another one called "Tracks of NYC Subway". If none helps, you can Google it.
  17. Most of these fans just wants to Expand on anything thats unused, which is stupid. We can't just expand on a whole lot of things now, especially with this Troubled Authority suffering from cash. If any expansions is necessary, it would of been better to do this BACK then, when the money was on the table... Now we have limits here, with the economy in bad shape... Besides money, any changes done, MAY affect any current Residential / Commercial district where this "expansion" would be done.. I say, leave it how it is. If a connection to another line is needed, ether offer a free out of systems transfer, or just use an alternative route.
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