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  1. Hey Tim, It's hard to compare the two.
  2. The only way to solve the problem is to have NYPD come in and literally scoop them up and place them in the galley and into a police bus/van and and take them directly to a shelter.Why do we as average citizens have to be faced with this problem as we innocently transverse the NYC subway syStem to get get on our way wherever it may be?
  3. If they cut Express bus service what other choice would people have? They would go to local bus and subway service before there ever were express buses.And you know what? They survived back then and they would now too..
  4. I agree with Q25 to Jamaica(see above posting).If you don't know what were talking about go over to and Union Turnpike Main Street some evening and count the number of passengers on those Manhattan bound buses for yourself before they head over onto Queens Blvd. For the amount of passengers the Manhattan bound QM5 and QM6 buses carry between 8:00 P.M. and 11:00 P.M. It just doesn't justify that service to run at all at those hours;absolutely not feasible under any circumstance, just a complete waste of money.Period! Why run an almost empty MCI into Manhattan; if anything they should have ordered a small RTS (30 feet version) back when Nova bus was still producing them and use those in late night service off peak hours at the most. Yes,Rush hour Express service is definetly justified on QM1,5,6,and 8 routes; Manhattan bound 6:00 A.M. TO 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. Queens bound.Midday(1,5,and 6)service should some way either be combined via a shuttle to 188th street and then sending an MCI to Midtown or limited to similar weekend service on the QM5 via 188th street and 64th Avenue (loop) to cover the QM1 pickup stop.At the present time too much overkill and empty runs heading Manhattan bound ( and even some Queens bound as well) during mid day non rush hour periods.When the the Metropolitan Transit Authority took these routes over from 'Queens Surface' this is one of the things they should have started to explore to some extent.Just taking these Exp. lines over from the private operator and leave as is back then until almost recently when only a few(for example 10:00 A.M.leaving at L.I.E. & Springfield Blvd) runs were cut is another example of poor management.Instead they eliminated routes Q75 and Q79 crosstown service.Atleast the Q75 fed to a subway line(Jamaica F)and the Q79 fed to the L.I.R.R.I realize they were not that heavily utilized, but atleast as much as QM5 and 6 are during off peak Manhattan and Queens bound.
  5. These Queens Express routes that were originally run by 'Steinway and Queens Transit' and granted the franchise rights to run them after negotiating these the right to these Exp. Routes with the city in the late 1960's were told back then that under the agreement they most provide service all day long.It's now over 40 years later and they are now under MTA jurisdictation and times have changed and the need for this mid day service is much different and the financial situation of the MTA AND The Metropolitan Transit Authority's should now reflect that this mid day service for the most part should now be modified or in most cases completely eliminated.Just a complete waste of money running predominantly less than 1/3 full buses between 11:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.
  6. Absolutely correct.Your probabely right;no broadcasting company is going to take that chance investing that money in New York where Country Western never succeeded($$) here in the past.Why would it now? Sirus/XM has it and it's National( USA) not limited to anywhere in the USA( NY.).So I suppose if people want that format then they will have to just subscribe(XM) or stream on line on their computer from another radio staion in another market someplace for free..
  7. There have been numerous previous attempts of a Country Western format( one that comes to mind was WKHK-FM) here in New York and it never worked out for any length of time. New York is just not a market for it for that format.Not enough of a Country Western fan base in this section of the U.S.A(Northeast).Overall translates into; low listenership, low ad sales( no money), and low ratings to sell advertisers.Simply never was never a successfull format here for a broadcasting company to operate at a profit and that's the bottomline ($$$$).It's a business like everything else.
  8. I would have to say my favorite RFW was riding a BMT Standard on the Sea Beach Summer Sunday specials back in the late 1950's Express after 59th Street & via 4th Avenue in Brooklyn to Coney Island non stop out on the Exp.tracks.
  9. Patco is awesome.It's worth the trip for that alone;your going to love it....
  10. I can understand the need for Express bus service in the A.M. & P.M. But midday Exp bus service ( 11:00 A.M.to 4:00 P.M) with low ridership is a complete waste. Especailly when some routes overlap current local routes that feed subway lines. I can name one specific example.Qm1/1A overlapping;Q17,Q88,Q75 and Q46.This is just one example of many.
  11. I agree with Luis1985.They are ugly ( the front is kindof cluttered looking).
  12. I tend to agree with LUIS1985. I think they are ugly( a very cluttered look up front). I like the M7's alot better.
  13. I think I tend to agree with Luis 1985.They are quite ugly looking and can't even rail fan to boot. Even the M 7's are better looking ( give a cleaner less cluttered appearance),Just my opinion.
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