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  1. The G dosen't even count since it does not go to manhattan. The last I checked the T is re4served for the 2nd ave subway. Perhaps an orange K to Howard beach to 34th and 6th. via 53rd st and sending the M down 63rd st.
  2. I guess no one liked my idea. Anyway. I thought the line RBB line would at 34th st on the 6th or 8th ave lines?
  3. the reincarnated V could be an 8th ave exp.
  4. Let me add my $0.02 here, I would either have the blue K come back again..........or have a reincarnated V train to Howard beach via QBL, 8th Ave and 6th ave. after W4th st. to 2nd ave/Houston st. This time the V bullet would be in blue and not in orange. I'm not saying this will happen, I just giving my opinion on it.
  5. 7430 was almost cut in half and its engine was ripped out when the tour bus crashed In to it.
  6. 6495, 6509, and 6613 were seen by a friend of mine getting ready to go to ECH scrap.
  7. 6542 is scrap, the farebox and radio were taken out.
  8. Can we stop with the DELETED posts please? It’s annoying. Thank you.
  9. If this means bringing back the RTS then yes, I think they should try again at least one last time.

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