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  1. Show me the picture...it never happened it might have been our guys playing but never happened that a Hybrid was on X51
  2. Where have you seen a Hybrid on the X51?
  3. It will never happen the customers have the subway right there plus you saw what happened in the week we had the detour......guys doing reliefs and not pulling up push the follower into the 66 stand.
  4. Big Freakin Deal Get over it Hybrids are coming and you opinion means squat. Devote all the time that you waste trying to figure out why the MTA should keep RTS buses actually why dont you call them and ask that they keep 1 RTS for you at your disposal. Half of you people that talk this nonsense of buses are not even old enuff to drive yet. Go devote the time to a cause or charity it might do you better.
  5. where do you get these detours cause you have wrong info The following buses are being detoured: Q44 (Northbound)-regular route via Main Street, left on Sandford, right on College Point Boulevard, right on Roosevelt Avenue, left on Prince, left on 38th Avenue, left on Main Street, right on Northern Boulevard, left on Union then regular. Q44 (Southbound)-regular route via Union Street, right on Sandford, left on Main Street then regular Q12, Q15 and Q26 (Eastbound)- regular route, right on Union, left Roosevelt Avenue then regular Q12, Q15 and Q26 (Westbound)- regular rou
  6. It is for when I pull into the stand and your stand there like an idiot and ignore a bus coming you finally realize that Im gonna slep you upside the head with the mirror. It is there to keep you from getting slapped in the head
  7. Wow with grammar like that you'll never become a TA employee.(NYCT)
  8. Everyones age and job on this site?
  9. Touch Tape bypass allows the driver to AUTOMATICALLY HOLD the doors open
  10. Touch Tape bypass switch does not shut off the Next Stop Chime.
  11. UMMMMMM No 1 bus is scrap the other is getting the seats ..TA is spreading the jobs out to all the depots.
  12. Ohh OK just was wondering that if theres so much time to post just call up The TA Dept Of Buses Maint. Dept and tell them what you think.
  13. Just curious to the purpose of this post?
  14. No Pablo The TA is big on honking your horn at anything that might cause an accident ie: kids in the street, a person on the bike going in the same direction, cell phone clowns standing off the curb anything of that nature. If you get into an accident and you dont have a horn......the TA way is GUILTY TILL PROVEN GUILTY.On our OVCR card anything shaded in red is a safety issue and the vehicle cannot be used in service.The Horn falls under those guidelines.(NYCT)

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