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  1. hello Q25tojaimaica's cul8ta here just wondering if a test was taken in april and it's almost sept. and i haven't received an answer from the mta yet, to say that i am or not qualified for the job. i call every so often and still get the same answer "no list has been est. yet. sorry for the incovience but i am anxious to work for the mta. should i not keep my hopes up

  2. hello ladybus cul8ta here again excuse me but i don't use the computer everyday. just responding to your passing the sych test. question do you already work for the mta. how does it work . they do in house hiring 1st or jus go by the test scores of anyone taking the test. according to the answer sheet i received an 82.5 but nothing official yet from the mta. any pointers on how to get an answer officially from the mta. if you can please help. i really am lookin forward to working for te mta. johnsonlboogie@gmail.com 8/12/08

  3. Hello LIbusdriver349, cul8ta here new member wondering how long does it take to get an answer from the mta after taking a test. Had taken the test in april of this year and still no answer till this day 8-1-08. Is there some kind of freeze on hiring. I would appreciate it if you can help me out. my email address is johnsonlboogie@gmail.com

  4. i call the number on the answer sheet and they say that a list hasn't been established yet. what is taking so long

  5. according to the answer sheet I received an 82.5 How long does it take to get called. I didn't get an official letter or list number from the mta.

  6. cul8ta

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    hello anyone new member here jus looking to find out about the mta took test recently waiting on results can anyone help:)
  7. hello ladybus cul8ta here just wondering if you know about the test results process exam #8006 taken april 19 2008. I just want to know how long does it take to find out results from the test. If you can please help me out. email address johnsonLboogie@gmail.com. Also I'm a new member

  8. I had taken the test in april still waiting for the results have'nt heard anything yet how long does it take to get results. kinda anxious.
  9. new member here cul8ta in da house trying to get on the mta family bus operator position anyone out there can help me out i'm very anxious to work.
  10. new member need to know how long does it take to get the results for the april 19 2008 test bus operator exam i call everyday still no answer wonder if i'm doing something wrong
  11. was up BusBoy2010 cul8ta here new member trying to find out about the mta and the way they hire. took test in april no answer yet what's going on.

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