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  1. thanks,last yr i was layed off from wrkg for COACH USA for 5yrs, in 2009 i found out i was diabetic,dot took me off the road my a1c was 13 so i no what ur saying just hav to get clearance letter frm doc before mta medical
  2. thanks for advise right now my bp is 120/80 plan to keep it lik that i hav to get letter frm doc next wk
  3. thanks for that info iam a little nervous because i hav type 2 diabetes and bp both under control on meds but i heard oa dosent take to kindly to this
  4. if anyone has info about my situation, i was called for the preemployment interview on 5/10/11 and also took drug test they said they will call me in 1-30 days for medical. mind you iam a call back from 2008 exam #2801 i didnt hav all paper work then the freeze came before i could get papers together my ? is after the med when do you no when you hav the job
  5. i also got my preemployment letter for 2801 on 5/10/11 this will be my second time does anyone no how long it takes for medical and drug test after preemploy
  6. this is crazy iam still waiting for the next MaBSTOA class to begin and now there starting a new exam 2901.anyone with any new info please share it:confused:
  7. iam still waiting for the next class to start. i missed the april 9 class shorly after they announced the 90 day freeze,now they have exam 2901 somebody please explain iam confused
  8. Hi special Kay. Nice name by the way. The first paperwork you filled out, you will not have to do again. That long 28 page paperwork stuff you would have to fill out again. If you did a drug test, you will have to do that again as well. Basically, what you did the first day, you won't havbe to do again. If you only went down one day, which I believe you did, then your fine. The process will just continue.

  9. hi chris iam new to the forum this is a great way to get MTA info.

    i took exam 2801,list#2049 MaBSTOA. i went thru the preemployment process,and

    the paper work, but i was stoped from continuing because i had to

    satisfy and old ticket and other things, they told me when i finished call

    for another appointment.this was in april when i called back they said that

    i couldnt get in the next class which was the following monday i called on a friday

    my ? is will i have to do that premployment paper work over again

    originally missed the april 9th class i have been calling since april now the freeze is on

  10. i will keep calling because iam so close to getting back in( MTA) i almost made it in the april 9th class
  11. thank you for your input i call everymonth sometimes 3times like you said the only thing i can do is keep calling and wait
  12. hi busboy specialkay here just tryin to get mta info

    i took the test and went thru preemployment waiting

    for next class

  13. hi just like you iam on pens and needles iam waiting for the next class to start

  14. hello everyone test#2801 list#2049 was called for preemployment interview did'nt make it to the april 9 class or the physical because i had to get a court deposition and a letter.class already started by the time i obtain everything was given a paper at preem to come back when this is completed now there saying keep calling for next class (MaBSTOA)looking forward to input:

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