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  1. Nada Damn Thang!

  2. Happy Birthday Gordon, May You Be Blessed With Many More!

  3. PM Trip is a X37 from 57th and 5th at 5:27pm IIRC. or 5:37pm

  4. Will be replacing that video with something else soon.

  5. Thats What's Up, I appreciate that!

  6. Been doing my own thing, got my company off the ground, pretty much staying to myself or to a small circle of regular folks to hang out with. The shadiness is a bit much in this community for me to be out there like that. Did a BBQ fundraiser for the vintage bus collection, that was more work than it needed to be, I don't think I'll be doing another one. Someone else can put themselves out there.

  7. You never went to the grill for some regular food? Gotta admit, I put in my own $10 (Hell I spent over $250 buying everything for that event) and all I got was a hot dog (That was an expensive Hot Dog!), LMFAO and I was running the damn thing. It seemed like the minute food was ready, people was all over the grill like white on rice!

  8. Hey G,


    Hope you had a good time at the BBQ, thanks for stopping by! -Trev

  9. Yo, I wanna change my handle, how can we go about doing that?

  10. Yes I am the author of the bus rosters at TTMG as I am the Webmaster of TTMG. The roster will be updated between the 28th and 30th when the smoke clears.

  11. I like my job fine, been driving buses for over 6 years already

  12. Yessir I am a bus operator as well as a Bus Operations Manager

  13. Why thank you, its a reference to something that happened Saturday night where a bunch of rail-fans who was talking junk about me (like I wasn't gonna hear it) ran into me but took and hauled ass down a train platform with their tails between their legs. Was very entertaining.

  14. I think there is only that one 1800 series MCI in the Creek now! Thank for your compliment!

  15. Dude, I've ridden your bus MANY of times already, I get on along North Avenue in front of the New Rochelle Court House/KFC. You're the 8:36am at that stop. You can drive pretty good man.

  16. Hey, do you operate the 45 line?

  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. Hey, thanks for the check up, I am ok now.

  19. Ok, so drop me a e-mail at tlogan@ttmg.org. Need to discuss something with you.

  20. Hey Oz, if you got AIM, hit me up at transitmaven...Wanna chat with you about something.

  21. Vinny, had a blast today. Sorry I had to cut out early, I thought we would've been on the G part of the trip by that time, had to meet my brother. But, we must hang again, I haven't laughed like that in a while! :) Thanks!

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