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  1. While allotments are not available, the following Depots are scheduled for batches of the 7484-7850 batch of XDs... JAMAICA, QUILL, GRAND AV, FRESH POND, ULMER PARK, FLATBUSH AND EAST NEW YORK.
  2. Actually those buses were at OH and was moved back to Quill, it wasn't a false move. They were there for about 3 days. The OP was late reporting it here.
  3. NYMTA Depot Roster Updated as of 8:17AM on 12/16/17 Changes Follow As: 2691 to YU from MA 3705, 3746 to BP from JK 4143 to JK from EC 5289 to MQ from OH 5431 to BP from JK 5514 Retired from WF 5518, 5595, 5764 to KB from GH 5540, 5592, 5598, 5607 to MQ from OH 5763 Retired from GH http://www.ttmg.org/transitwiki/Insider's_Guide:_(New_York)_MTA_Bus_Operations_-_Roster_by_Depot
  4. 7120 crashed during delivery somewhere around Chicago and was later delivered as another unit built. This is the original 7120.
  5. While this bus is "new" to the property, it is not a NEW bus. This is a August 2015 built New Flyer XD40, built to the specifications of our XD40 units numbered 7110-7139. This bus was a floating demonstrator for New Flyer but is now our bus officially. This bus is NOT part of the new 367 XD40 order. That order will start at 7484 and run to 7850. Enjoy!
  6. 0016 is in fact 0021. A pre-production demo to get the depot ready for 0016-0020.
  7. These are 2017 models, and will be ex-demonstrators, not brand new built buses. Enjoy!
  8. Its going to be a minute before they hit service, the Proterras are arriving all white and will be wrapped here. Also they are not done installing the charging stations.
  9. 7 4 8 3 IS NOT HERE... I was just in Flatbush and the bus is not here, in fact it hasn't even been delivered yet. Its on its way yes, maybe sometime early next week. BUT it is and I REPEAT, not here. (Gotta know how to decipher the information you guys are getting from "that site.")
  10. No, storage just in case of a fleet shortage at a depot, they can reactivate for service. They've already reactivated 3 D60HFs that was in storage. At EC and YO, both depots currently handles all the Metro North Shuttle work, so that MNRR represents that.
  11. NYMTA Depot Roster Updated as of 11/26/17 @ 9:48am, including Museum Bus movements for the M42 Vintage Bus Run http://ttmg.org/transitwiki/Insider's_Guide:_(New_York)_MTA_Bus_Operations_-_Roster_by_Depot (Roster by Fleet Type: http://ttmg.org/transitwiki/Insider's_Guide:_(New_York)_MTA_Bus_Operations_-_Roster_by_Fleet) As a side note, the TTMG Depot/Fleet roster will see updates once a week, usually every Sunday since deliveries and movements have died down quite a bit. When the LFS Artic, XN60, XE40 and Proterra orders start flying in, we'll will go to a more frequent updating schedule.
  12. It is a pleasing looking car on the exterior, on the interior, I'm not sure if I am fan of the sharper interior body lines but to each his own. The interior announcements need major adjusting, while they are crisper sounding, the volume is entirely too low. The FIND system is a 50/50 for me as the slight bigger screen is nicer but you can tell the MTA just ported over the program from the R160s and since those screens are smaller, the same program on the larger screens look a bit out of focus and pixelated (much like when you try to enlarge a jpg that has already been compressed). The Next stop set up and the ceiling signs are very clean. Ride Quality...To me, the R160 still has the softer ride of all the new techs with the R143s following behind, I'd place the R179 ride quality somewhere between the R142 and R142A cars. For Us, that being the crew, the controller is much nicer than any of the cars currently in the Tech classes, its much like the R188 but has a nicer feel. The operators seat, while they have given us a taller back, its still much like a buck-board. The TOD screen? lord, that thing is like a puzzle. Overall nice car, but I'm still not hopeful for an event-less 30-days based on its current track record, but we'll see. Enjoy The Photos!
  13. I corrected it to 2030, you must've missed that edit. Either way, it is the wave of the future for public transportation.
  14. We are getting XDE40s as well as XDE60s, HOWEVER, the industry is fast moving towards Battery-Electric bus power and many major transit properties have made commitments to it including LA who will be 100% Electric by year 2030. This is an opportunity for us to test the viability of converting short but important routes to a lessor environmentally impacting power source and I'm glad the MTA is giving it a go. If all goes right, there will be a firm order for 50 buses so that the M42 goes 100% electric as well as the B32, B39 and B42 routes. #stayinformed
  15. Based on what Im told they will be treated like the XD60s currently coming in. 5439, not sure if they just wrapped that one or if they paint booth'd it.
  16. There has been a on-going debate about the new "Cuomo" scheme being full wrap, full paint, or a combination thereof. Well I'm going to lay this to rest as I had an in depth conversation with the powers that be who knows about this 1st hand... YOUR ANSWER?! IT'S DIFFERENT TO EACH ORDER!!! So with that being said, I'm going to explain to you each order and how the scheme is applied... Order 5364-5438 (XD60) - Base Paint: White with Black Paint used around the windows, Full wrap is applied over the white base paint Order 5987-6125 (XD60) - Base Paint: SBS Light Blue Paint from the bottom to the top window line with Vinyl Yellow and medium blue stripes, White Paint on the rear, Dark Blue Paint above the window line and over the face & Black Paint around the windows. The Cuomo Scheme is this wrapped over all of this. YES the REGULAR SCHEME IS ALL WRAP, UNDERNEATH THE WRAP THE BUS IS IN AN UNCOMPLETED SELECT PAINT SCHEME Order 673-810 (XN40) - Base Paint: Black Around the windows and Full Blue over the sides, roof and face with a White Back. The Yellow and striping is vinyl wrap. The Select units are full wrap below the window line, on the face and on the lower rear. Order 1016-1125 (XN60) - Base Paint: SBS Light Blue Paint below and above the window line with Vinyl Yellow and medium blue stripes, White Paint on the rear, Dark Blue Paint over the face & Black Paint around the windows. The Cuomo Scheme is this wrapped over all of this. YES AGAIN the REGULAR SCHEME IS ALL WRAP, UNDERNEATH THE WRAP THE BUS IS IN AN UNCOMPLETED SELECT PAINT SCHEME Photos... Here you can see the base SBS blue paint that is underneath the standard "Cuomo" WRAP...WRAP scheme as described above on the 5987-6125 batch of XD60s....Look at the dark blue closely, it is CLEARLY wrap You can also see CLEARLY underneath the standard Cuomo wrap is the SBS Yellow and Medium Blue vinyl stripes that lay on top of the light SBS Blue paint... Here is the 5987-6125 batch rear showing the yellow wrap with the rear select wrap over it... Here is the XN60 showing the base white rear section underneath the Cuomo Wrap... I will get more photos support the remainder of my explanation of the schemes over the course of the next week or so, but this is what it is and hopefully this lays he long argument to rest.
  17. After having a looking in and around the new D45 CRT LE by MCI, I can see the New Flyer Group hard bidding this model for our next express bus RFP, below is my photos from my time in the bus...
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