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  1. All Danbury trains have the diesels facing north with the following exception: In October, because of "slippery rail" leaf issues north of Branchville, the three car "bombs" that are propelled by BL20's have the engine on the south end. The thought is that the coaches will run over the slippery rail first on the uphill climb after the station. The BL20's *almost* never go to Grand Central since they don't have third rail shoes, so their orientation is not an issue. Come November they will put the engines back on the north end.
  2. Hey thanks for the info about motor- uh people!
  3. Those of us M/M still around in the subway system take being called a T/O as an insult. Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the difference between a M/M and a T/O? Back in the day they just used to call them motormen. Thanks!
  4. UNBELIEVABLE shots Fred! Thanks for all the legwork and creating an oasis in the middle of a busy workday! Frank(MTA)
  5. > the first pic has something yellow on the coupler, can it be a bag? They gave us the latest Mileposts pamphlets last week, they call them "snow bags" and "jackets". They detailed all the changes/precautions that are done because of the winter weather, like preventing snow from getting into the traction motors and brakes on the older cars with condensation drain valves and air driers (but M7/M7A have "high performance air driers")... stuff like that. Frank(MTA)
  6. NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!! Great job Zman you made my day Frank(MTA)
  7. Sweet shots Fred! Was #127 (BL20GH) headed to Waterbury? Thanks, Frank(MTA)
  8. Nice pix! There was a bad storm May of last year, and I am wondering if that is the Gennie that literally hit a tree on the Danbury branch? I am probably wrong, maybe they have fixed that one by now. Frank
  9. Wonderful pix! Seems like everything but Thomas the Tank Engine passes through there! Was that an M7 and an M7A almost rubbing noses? Frank
  10. That's OK Fred. It might be on the 1844 (5:16 from Stamford) but sorry my camera is not ready for prime-time Frank(MTA)
  11. Damn when I don't have my camera, they were running #128 on at least an evening train (non GCT run). Lookin' real good. It is probably a temp replacement as one of the Gennies crapped out earlier in the week. Fred - I almost expected to see pictures from you this morning... Frank(MTA)
  12. Wonderful pics, Fred! Question: This also attests to your driving skills to keep up with these puppies from station to station? Frank

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