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  1. Yooo Kenny !!! The Fire Department has called me the time has come to get ready I am going in for some physical readiness program they are offering.

  2. Ah ok you back on the Charlie yesterday someone called in 5 hot cars at 145th I was on the D and heard the Conductor on that Charlie call in 5 hot cars. He was like "Control I got fiiiiiiiiiiiiive hot cars." lol

  3. Yo Kenny come on down to Concourse for some more Baseball specials ! lol

  4. Yo Dave whats going on ! I am the 2nd XX conductor I missed the pick yet again going on 2 years XX lol.

  5. LoL better late than never for a response huh man when you gonna work a baseball special again Kenny ! lol

  6. Hey Ken how have you been where have they been keeping u?

  7. Hey Ken hows it going what the hell were yall doing at 168th street that day lol ? Did someone from your class hit a home signal and they all recalled you back to school car ?

  8. Yo Dave whats up hows that damn (V)ictor treating you do you get to see sleeping beauty of the PM's at 2nd Ave lol ? I met Taylors Law today at Broad street I had a X job on the (J) beautiful gig lol. Are you gonna pick AM's this up coming pick ???

  9. My unlce knows his stuff about trains just as much as Taylor lol, however Taylor knows the entire system a hell of alot better than my uncle lol.

  10. I was thinking the same thing I dont know about them the only Supt I know personally is my uncle lmao. He came out of CED so I would believe him about anything having to do with trains before anyone else he is almost like TSS Taylor when it comes to trains lol.

  11. I saw her today its not the person I thought she was, she decided that she was gonna goto work today. The dispatcher was telling me just do the first trip so that way by the time I got back that Crew Office wont bother with me which they didnt lol. I worked with Fermin do you know him lol ?

  12. Is your C/R for thursday the girl with the scar on her face, curly hair and big booty lol ?

  13. Thursday I got the (D)elta

  14. Damn we could have been working together lol

  15. Dave what job you got on the C ? I got 318 this wensday was curious if thats your job lol.

  16. Oh my you popped my visitor cherry o_o.

  17. ROAR I am your first message.

  18. Dude dont goto the damn (F) line lol I worked the balance of (C) 320 today. Ya that GO crap sucks man the (C) gets screwed every weekend. They should just run it like (B) no weekend service, this weekend is the last weekend of this crappy GO tho lol. Oh Saturday I was doing the (G) to Coney Island lol i got it off the board urgh. I dont recall hearing that on the radio funny cause I usually listen to the radio to hear all that craziness going on out there lol. I have been thinking about doing CF have you ever done that ?

  19. I got him good on a sign change once he told me one time to change signs at 3 mins till my clear time I was like you know the other board guy gets off in 2 hours right. He tells me I gotta do it I was like ok BANG 25 minute late clear for you heres my slip lol he had no choice but to sign it.

  20. Man I got fudged today on the board I was at 207 stat on board. I was there for like 4 hours i was like yes I am gonna make it. Then when I go ask to take lunch they are like "oh man we forgot to tell you, you picked up a (D) job out of BPK and it started already." So I got down to BPK late got a no lunch and late clear they weren't too happy with my OT slip lol.

  21. Hey Dave hows it going hows the New Pick treating you I got Sundays and Mondays off and still PMs.

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