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  1. Wait till hes road extra working "The Beast" lol it will be worse than the or .
  2. Who has seen it was it as good as they have hyped it up to be ?
  3. Pffft A division have fun on that ATS system they use down there I will stick to my good old B Division I like working on different equipment that doesnt watch my every single move.
  4. What time were you at 59th street ? You should stand at the CR's position you might see me.
  5. When were those videos made ! I didnt see this train at all if it was today lol.
  6. The R110 is used for training purposes for NYPD TB division if you noticed when you get to the third floor of schoolcar in the gym you will see like a cut out version of a train up there. I believe they also practice lifting the train with airbags for 12-9 accidents as well. There is also 2 more R110 cars at Coney Island Yard they use for Fire School you will see those soon.
  7. Local Recycle instead of on SMEE Equipment when someone would hold the doors and you would have to re open that whole section of train. When someone holds the doors on R142 to R160's when you hit the Local Recycle it just reopens the door that person is holding and it will recycle open and close 3 times instead of having to reopen and and re close the whole section of train.
  8. As my motor instructor said "At the mercy of Crew Office" lol.
  9. Hehe how did you know I was a wrassling fan lol. Dave will be working that alone cause I sure as hell wont be there I will book off. I will however work with him on the anytime except for those crazy GO's e.g. last weekends GO I had a baseball special with a T/O lol.
  10. Watching us flirt with the ladies while your saying send her to the front !
  11. Uh oh looks like a probie getting bold with the senior man your lucky your in A division cause I would pull the cord on you for that ! CHOW ! Better yet I would turn my MDC key on you as your slowing into the station lmao that always scares a new train operator lol.
  12. It's funny cause I live by the and the and I wanted to be in the B division instead I like the atmosphere uptown when I am on the (, , , or the .
  13. Thats why we throw that baby in bypass LOL! I think it drags cause of the new tech trains its making all them nice slooooow announcements that I can do in 5 seconds. Holding doors is not an issue for me Local Recycle them bad boys I love those R143's and R160's for it. I know you look at your monitors and see them people practically dancing with the doors when it auto local recycles it's self its hysterical when I am watching it.
  14. Well one I live in the Bronx and when they tell me to report at 1650 on my friday to Carnarsie for a job thats guaranteed a penalty job I am not getting out till 0135. By the time I drive back home its like almost 3am I sleep thru half my first RDO. So ya thats why I hate the I am also not too friendly when they give me the out of Coney Island lol I rather be on the out of Coney than the .
  15. Crew Office gave me a out of 8th one time lol and I was paired up with a female T/O that day it was her picked job. Other than that I dread that line I actually got a good job on the on the week of my birthday lol it had 3 trips and WAA at the end I couldn't believe it.
  16. Maybe I usually get the last 2 jobs on PM's when I get it on the weekends.
  17. Don't forget Zoo Lots man I heard some crazy stories of that place back in the old days it was worse than Euclid.
  18. You should come ride my I will show you how to handle those people I always mess with them. Specially when you get that one person who leaps off the steps and holds well trys and holds the doors for 10 of their friends.
  19. Another C/R class just started with the class of T/O's I believe that DOB is in. I saw them today at Coney Island yard at Fire School while I was there for my medical at the MAC. This is news to me about a hiring freeze I would say in maybe 2 months they would have another class in thats if they are really implementing this freeze. He would have to call Human Resources to check the status I don't know that number off the top of my head I can PM it to you when I find it.
  20. You didn't get measured for your uniforms yet wow I got measure for mine before I even went to schoolcar. Hmm I wonder who your assigned motor instructors will be I had 2 great guys that trained me. Good luck on your signal test !
  21. Did you hold your breath down there at Grand St. ? That is my number 1 hated station when I am on the (D)elta or (B)ravo, I nearly vomit while making announcements there.
  22. Man I got damn Vista and it wont run on my comp.
  23. Oh don't worry I will teach these probies how to bash some door holders. Do I get my +2 hrs for it when I do it here lol ?
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