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  1. Did you call the number in the email ? They send you a second email telling you the time your suppose to go and take the test. The email also states you will receive study material soon before a certain date mine says i should get the study material no later than August 24th. I too would like any tips or advice as this decision is hard for me as I am currently a T/O with almost 9 years.
  2. Shoot man I am track qualified and I wouldnt even bother going down to the roadbed for anyone. Especially at 110th northbound the train is coming in at least 35 mph+. I was working on the when this happened and we were just passing by the 110th when the T/O called in the incident it sucks for him to have to see that crap. I have no remorse for idiots who think a phone is more important than their lives. There was also another incident on Friday at Avenue N of the I dont know if the person jumped but they survived amazingly.
  3. Needs to be a correction in this story he wasn't hit by a southbound train he was hit by a northbound train.
  4. Wow Gangs and a PC do not mix, I can see some thug now at his pc wearing his Windows 7 duerag and a 24k gold chain of the AOL guy icon.
  5. God damn that was alot of issues for a medical you put yes to those questions are they found the issues?
  6. I was on the that day shoot I had a R160 all damn day lol.
  7. I am a FPS gamer at heart but I got into MMORPG, I do have a PS3 and love it. I got Ghostbusters, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield Bad Company, Call of Duty MW 2, and few more other games. I have been playing World Of Warcraft when it first came out but before that I was playing Final Fantasy 11 Online. I have way too many favorite games to list lol.
  8. Thank god i wasn't working an RDO on the that night.
  9. One night I was working the on our last trip back to Manhattan we heard that someone was on the roadbed trying to touch the third rail, so they told the in front of us to punch for the at Bergen he got as far as Delancy/Essex and Control Center told him to discharge. People were not happy when i pulled into Bergen and told them no service for about 40 mins till they got the psycho off the tracks.
  10. So him walking between cars when there are signs posted NOT TO is making a quota ? Civilians are so naive sometimes I wish this was a militarization country lets see how fast you tell a MP some quota nonsense. As for the original poster I wouldn't bother fighting it there are signs posted in the cars as well as on some of the boards with the subway maps that tell you the transit violations. That is what the judge is gonna tell you I worked for NYPD for a year and a half and that's whats gonna happen if you goto court. Your also gonna pay a court fee too if you lose the case so it maybe like $125.00 altogether. I was never an undercover but I do know you have a right to ask if you feel unsafe to ask for ID. I also know that if your getting pulled over by a unmarked car that you can proceed to a safe area and pull over example is like pulling into a gas station just let the officer know why you continued after he put his lights and siren on.
  11. It's true people eat up and believe anything the Dailynews or The Post says about any MTA hourly. That is why most of the people who read those papers are so gullible they could print that Jesus himself was the driver and ran off the bus and watch how many people believe that nonsense. This article never specifies that this child going to the driver and informing him that he was assaulted it just says he was shoved off the bus after the driver was tossing the punks off it. I love how the father is saying it happened right in front of him, so hes basically telling me that yea he was on the windshield getting assaulted does this guy know that the driver might be looking at the road? Also he cant get a good glimpse of whats going on with his mirror so he just sees rowdy kids going nuts and throws them off. This article is very gauge and tasteless like most of the Dailynews articles all it talks about is suing MTA for money like always It is really sad and funny because once they have sucked in their readers they like to bring up arguments with the hourly employees. I had one woman blame me for the fare going up, of course I told her I hope they charge $10.00 for the fare. They get so quiet after hearing me respond with that response lol that is why I refuse to use the system anymore. I can ride it for free and I refuse too I cant deal with people holding the doors and not being able to read the simple signs that MTA shells out money to post up. So now this B/O who obviously got off the bus for his safety because MTA doesn't want us playing hero. When is the public gonna learn this already our jobs are not law enforcement its to observe and report. If you don't feel safe taking public transportation then get a damn car that's what I learned after almost getting mugged on the . Hell get a bike Mayor Bloomberg has destroyed half of the major avenues with them make use of them already. Sorry for sounding harsh I just cant standing reading nonsense like that people just love to show how incompetent they really are.
  12. There's one on Central Park West I seen it a few times he hides out north of 135th street in the Emergency Exit. I was working on the twice and I had noticed this head sticking out from the ground and when i opened the window to look back it was a damn cat lol.
  13. Yooo Kenny !!! The Fire Department has called me the time has come to get ready I am going in for some physical readiness program they are offering.

  14. Bruticus


    Hey 18 months as XX did you start January 28th 08? If so we are in the same class I am B division almost 2 years and I am still XX.
  15. Looks like Train Operators are gonna move up a slight bit grats lol.
  16. Ah ok you back on the Charlie yesterday someone called in 5 hot cars at 145th I was on the D and heard the Conductor on that Charlie call in 5 hot cars. He was like "Control I got fiiiiiiiiiiiiive hot cars." lol

  17. Whats this your coming back to the B Div what the heck happened you have weekends off now don't ya ? Hector is happy as hell to be back on the lol I saw him the other day.
  18. Good job man hope all goes well for you I have a few friends who are Conductors for Canadian Pacific a bit different but hey you got a good job that's what counts.
  19. Yo Kenny come on down to Concourse for some more Baseball specials ! lol

  20. Yo Dave whats going on ! I am the 2nd XX conductor I missed the pick yet again going on 2 years XX lol.

  21. LoL better late than never for a response huh man when you gonna work a baseball special again Kenny ! lol

  22. You call yourself a railfan doing that to C/R's trust me you find my train I am not reopening till a customer shoves you. I am the C/R that doesn't mind holding the road up for someone who thinks they gonna hold my doors of my train I can play the waiting game.
  23. I like the R143 for its heavier doors so when people hold the doors and I press that god's gift to Conductors the Local Recycle button they learn not to hold the doors on the line. As for the R160 there's no difference for me being that I am a Conductor and not a Motormen I can operate faster with both equipment oh and the nice comfy seat in the cab also not having to make the announcements.
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