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    hey guys

    Haha 6 months and you say you got a steady picked job on the yea right and my uncle is the CTO of RTO.
  2. The A division senior lines are the and if I remember correctly. In the B Division the senior lines are ( and , as said in earlier posts seniority moves slow for T/O. My best suggestion when you get that chance to pick is to pick Vacation Relief a good friend of mine who's been a T/O for 5 years now picked on his 3rd year VR and he gets his weekends off as he told me you gotta know how to bid. During your time as extra you will be all over the place it gets rough at times specially in the B division. I never called the screw office on Sundays to see if my RDO's are changed even tho the motor instructors suggested we do when I was in School Car I wish you luck and hope to see ya out there.:tup:
  3. I did burn testing for 2 weeks and it was on the Nancy and Quincy when they were still getting in new trains for them.
  4. Your Pelham Bay Dave your destiny is on the 6 line not a motor instructor lol.
  5. Ok I am having an issue with the routes can anyone help me out with how I go about installing the routes I followed the openbve tutorial about making the folders for trains and railways. I opened it up and i don't see the stations i just see the signals and I cant get my train to move lol.
  6. Hey Alex are you a Motor Instructor ?
  7. Heh shoot I had a bad day like that I stood up the whole day on the one night, at least the last trip was a slant out of far rock cause i begged the T/D to give me a slant. She looked at me like i was crazy she was like your a Conductor asking for a Slant 40 I was like yea I wanna get home fast.
  8. Man Dave are you gonna goto A division ? I got the G2 in my backpack written up and still haven't handed it in yet as I am still debating about it.
  9. Hey Ken how have you been where have they been keeping u?

  10. Haha I am like that on cold nights in far rock only, if I dont see you running for my train then you look like you can wait for the next one I always say. I love leaving people out the train who play musical cars they will get on the rear and try to get all the way to the first car. I applied for the T/O promotion test the other day Dave lol, I was at CTL talking to your partner too still busting his chops about picking out the south lol.
  11. I am a big fan of wrestling to this day and what you didnt see before that video started was the guy who stopped Jericho was cursing him out and blocking him from leaving the arena. That was the guy he shoved and then the female was the persons girlfriend I found it hysterical. Fans like that are who ruining it for the true fans who respect the wrestlers for what they put their bodies through. The attitude era was the golden years of wrestling I got through my senior year of High School talking about wrestling with the teachers and dean lol.
  12. I am into dog breeds and heres a bit of information on the temperament of this dog breed the Caucasian Ovtcharka. So lets say me as the Conductor approaches this woman to ask about her dog on the train and she tells me its a service animal what if this dog begins to growl at me? How would I react to the service animal comment or better yet what if a child tries to touch it and gets attacked because this animal which is pretty big gets defensive. I doubt the other passengers would want this big dog in the same car as them. Just another silly lawsuit that MTA should hopefully win her attitude alone shows that shes only cares for one thing.
  13. Since when did this go into effect? Burn tests of a new 160a or b train consists are not tested on every line.
  14. I am a former MOS of NYPD they fired you or laid you off ? That is weird that they would "fire" you instead of laying you off. I am also shocked PBA didn't do nothing to keep your job that's a great union. MTA will probably hire you since your saying your release from NYPD was nothing related to disciplinary action. The wait is long for most city tests best thing to do is look around don't linger on waiting for MTA to call try and find something else till they call you.
  15. No one has heard about the contract not even the union reps or stewards I have asked alot of information and I get nothing but run arounds. This union is weird and creepy i miss my old union where the union president was actually a human being and would talk to you. How can they put a contract into arbitration and we have no vote on it so much for democracy.
  16. Hmmm were you at 59th street that day as well and talked to a Conductor on the ( that was in the middle?
  17. Thats nothing I wonder if this dude is from your class , a couple of weeks ago there was a probie T/O and a probie C/R on a train. The train was suppose to goto Bay Parkway, the T/O takes the line up to Chambers St to the middle track. Now I wonder what the next stop would be from Chambers middle, next thing you know he's calling control saying hes in the relay with a train full of customers. Control tells him to come back out the relay discharge and go light back to Met lol. 179th is the home of the imaginary switchmen come on now those guys have brown nosed so deep into anus they can give rectal exams. Oh we cant forget about Little Billy either now can we Dave lol.
  18. He didn't abuse his powers, as a former Member of Service to NYPD as a PO I can reiterate. Now I wasn't there so I do not know the conversation the PO had with the person but when a PO tells you that your under arrest it doesn't mean its time to go into your pockets or purses. That is the number one no no first of all he does not know what shes pulling out. Secondly the story from the dept commish says she began swinging her arms around that my friends is resisting arrest. I don't agree with the pepper spray specially in the subway others can get the contact and that stuff sucks when inhaled. She should have just listen to him in the first place and she wouldn't have put herself into the predicament that shes in. As a Conductor I seen guys put up fights with the cops about walking between cars. I mean come on cant you see the sign right on the window that says no walking between train cars unless directed by police or train crew. I hope the court tosses this out the window and the judge tells her cause shes gonna definitely admit that she violated TA rules due to the stair issue. I hope the judge says next time get to your train earlier and follow the rules of the subway.
  19. Fire houses have gyms and showers as well shoot theres even entertainment rooms in Fire houses. There pension is the same with the 20 years and out the pay is not my father was a 23 year veteran firefighter. I have been hanging out in firehouses since I was 8 years old, firemen have way more amenities than you think.
  20. In a test train it is 2 Motormen, 1 Conductor, 1 TSS, 1 Car Inspector and a rep from Kawasaki.
  21. FDNY is the best job in the city for your information they do not work 5 days a week. Also DSNY only got their 20 and out pension due to Mayor Bloomberg who loves DSNY. FDNY you work 2 days with 3 days off if you work 1 24 hour tour its automatically 3 days off. If I had a chance and could make a time machine I would be in FDNY. As far as track workers they are a strong division I always hear good things about them they are more united than the entire Local 100 lol.
  22. How does it serve them right, I am a union member I am not proud of how the union handles certain issues, but if you wanna be a sucker and pay your money into your own medical then you can go work for Mcdonald's then. The strike wasn't about greed it was because TA wanted the employees to pay for their own medical if I wasn't mistaken. There were also other reasons behind the strike that included the pension which I believe the TA wanted to raise the age limit of retirement to 62 years. Also there was an issue with work place conditions and other issues including using the restroom while operating the trains, and buses. Which there is still an issue with to this day in the subway if an employee has to take an emergency bathroom break while in service supervision makes a big deal outta of if. So yea I don't know how the bathroom subsidizes in being greedy but read up on unions specially this union. It use to be one of the most feared unions in the city now its like paying the mafia if you ask me they arent much help and are scared of management lol.
  23. Hey Ken hows it going what the hell were yall doing at 168th street that day lol ? Did someone from your class hit a home signal and they all recalled you back to school car ?

  24. I know who that TSS was hes very into those signal questions, don't let him bother you hes a nice guy once he sees you alot. He was hard on me my first day on the ( but after that he's the coolest guy you will meet he doesnt even ride me he just asks me what job I got and how am I doing.
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