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  1. Ya I am definetly picking this item up with all those nice voice overs, suppose to be a story based after part 2 too bad they didn't make a 3rd movie.
  2. I thought it was Tobey himself who said he wasn't gonna do any sequels, he is a good Spiderman imo however part 4 better be damn good and a make up to the emo part 3.
  3. That was a sick attack freaking hate to see that kind of crap.
  4. From what I heard in the system theres a Train Service Supervisor that owns a old railcar I think its a R9 its in his backyard or something to that sorts.
  5. Man I remember those ConRail Locomotives over here in the Bronx by Hunts Point Market theres a Freight Yard by there.
  6. Dude dont take it all to the head as I said I am not sure why T/O are not consider Eng's. If I offended you in any way I do apologize. Secondly I do know your job very well as a T/O just as well as your suppose to know my job. I am sorry if I did offend you I can be very sarcastic at times and if I did get you upset I am sorry.
  7. If I am mistaken the reason that T/O are not consider Engineers is cause this is a subway system (I don't believe this is light rail). Although I have been made fun of by a friend of mine who works for Canadian Pacific who called me a light rail conductor. Secondly yea the signals in the different division of NYCT may be a little different but in the real railroad I am sure that LIRR has to communicate with Amtraks towers and let them know or get permission to use a certain terminal track at penn station. Also you CANNOT take a B division train into A division territory due to the wideness of the trains. Heh make sure when you work CCY you dont get the lineup to the 4 Lines tracks to Bedford Park station on the 4 line I heard a story about some motorman doing that before lol. So the trains can not travel freely around the subways system unlike the railroad but hey the union I don't know man some of them are a little shady to me but hey I pay my dues so I can make that comment lol. I have to call them about an issue I am having so I will see how good they are. I am hoping they get us a nice contract coming up would be nice to get a lil more money, however in this economies current situation I can see givebacks coming.
  8. Wait till you see the grumpy motormen, there was this guy the other day at Bedford Park who was Vacation Relief bitching and crying about being behind a slow train. Then he started getting racial about how the uniforms were made by a white man and how he likes to weak his uniform all baggy. I just kept quiet I felt like telling him how his uniform stripes signifies that hes a engineer but he's just a T/O not an Engineer because I know his small and pea sized brain didn't know that. It was a disgusting moment for me I have heard Motormen whine but nothing like this. He's definitely someone I would love to yank and hang off the cord on he was just a waste of space.
  9. Needs more Beth Phoenix shots !
  10. I heard in the news today they are saying that one of the Engineers could have possibly been texting. I really hope that wasn't the case cause if it was I would be upset at the Engineer for doing that in his position and responsibility of the passengers.
  11. I was being sarcastic no worries i am sure Nascar knows i was playing around lol. So Dave hows Queens urgh ?! lol
  12. My unlce knows his stuff about trains just as much as Taylor lol, however Taylor knows the entire system a hell of alot better than my uncle lol.

  13. In one of my posts in another thread it took them 2 and a half years to call me I got a 98 or a 99 I dont remember. I do remember my list number was 2200 so it does take a bit to call you also as I said before make sure to have everything you need to speed up the process for hiring.
  14. When was the last test for them and yea I know what you mean my father was a firefighter hurt on 9-11. He got 3/4 pension he already had his 20 he wanted to stay a bit longer but couldn't once he was injured.
  15. Yea 30 years is a long time lol man 25 years is just as long hehe man if the pension was better I tried to take the job.
  16. Lawl me call control if its one thing I learned control wont respond you have lots to learn about the radio.
  17. Nevermind I found the information for anyone curious the LIRR has a 30/55 Pension plan.
  18. I aint grumpy but if you do hard breaks like that your gonna get a hard break on the bridge when I pull the cord or I do worst drop the battery on u.
  19. What you mean my cab to protect me lol that cab means nothing, try observing the platform and have to worry about some fool taking a baseball bat or any other kind of object to your head the train can get up to 15mph getting out the station maybe even faster. My head is a big fat target out there specially since I look like a white boy and some of the gangstas see me out in bk and they are like its cracker smacking time lol. I almost got whacked the other day thank god I saw it coming and was able to get in from the window in time.
  20. Looks like Concourse Yard I could be wrong I am not too sure that Tracy Towers is seen from that angle from there.
  21. I thought Hurricane Bob passed thru here back in the 90's? :confused:
  22. Who cares shes a MILF lol McCain is a genius, I am from a military family so I am not voting for someone who has no experience or has not served the country in the service. Besides she will be VP not President she will not be making all the big decisions. I love how people and media blow peoples personal lives into something big. So what if her 17 year old daughter wants to play hide the stroodle and get knocked up.
  23. HAHA I haven't seen him in a while, oh man you saw a picture in a cab lmao. Ya he rarely goes into the crew room it gets real silent when he does pop his head in there. Theres another ballbuster there hes new i never seen him before till Tuesday hes real tall and bald. It was 5 minutes after my clearing time and my T/O came with me to sign out. He happened to have his ipod on him and this guy I will call him the Great Khali from wrestling cause I didn't understand shit he said. told him he cant sign out with it on him. I really didn't wanna get involved the rules states u cant have it on your person while in operation of your duties. Anyways yes I will never ever bid, pick, or do RDO or VC Relief in Queens except on the or . I agree with my peers lol the T/O should be promotional only hate to say it your more experienced coming in the T/O from C/R. Do you have any promotionals in your class ? I bet they sleep thru most of the classes lol maybe they dont that you guys got the number 1 man hehe.
  24. I haven't had an issue yet with the kids, I am not at all intimidate by some punk high school kids from bk. They don't know that I am the conductor who doesn't mind messing up service I will sit in a station with my doors closed until the cops get there. I worked the the other day and there was cop after cop at all the stops they were not playing lol. As for a DOB I am not shocked about the statistics that have been popping up with the fare beaters and now this story. I mean hey if some ignorant fool wants to assault me on duty by all means go ahead I get 2 years off with pay and he will be rotting for the 2 out of the 7 years sitting in jail.
  25. We call it the Baseball Special down here in TA B)
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