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  1. You may see me today I got a job you know what happens when they give me the lol.
  2. Man your going to queens yuckie thats was pretty funny I saw you at Euclid Saturday.
  3. Hey 1day what is the pension plan for them do you know ?
  4. Screw living with other people living by yourself is the best man trust me I am loving it. My best friend is calling my place the slut haven cause he thinks I brings females over every night lol.
  5. Funny you asked me that I just moved into my own apartment here in the same building I been living in for 22 years lol. This general area is nice I have no complaints here depends where you wanna live. I mean if you get in the B division then you would wanna live around queens or brooklyn. I am in the B division as road extra now I am hoping to pick something in the , , , or lines when I am able to pick a job. If your in the A division most them jobs start up here you got the all up here. Are you single or married ? Rent can be a bit pricey too but alot of the bad neighborhoods have the cheap rents lol.
  6. I had the for that day I will be on the today so if you see me looming around stillwell you can yell Bruticus lol.
  7. I dont know what you looked like lol. You wanted me to shout out NASCAR in the crew room?
  8. Ok you wankers if you were at 168th today in the crew room the C/R that you saw talking to the number 1 man with his conductors hat and glasses on was yours truly lol.
  9. Sorry for the delay I was moving into my new apartment, I dont think theres no conflict of taking the test and living out of state. I think that you have to be living here by the time of appointment once the notice of examination comes out I will read it and let you know. I never studied for the test or had any guides I am good at taking city exams I got a 98 or a 99 if I am not mistaken. It basic common sense in customer service. I always told people that asked me if a city test is hard If you cant read or write don't take the test lol.
  10. Hmmm I wonder if this is a certain TSS that was taken off the road for a certain thing and they stuck him at 130 Livingston. It sure sounds like his style with the uniform crap lol.
  11. Well you can not apply for the C/R test until 9/3 just once that time comes print up the application and apply for the exam. I dont know the exact date of the test it will probably be in November or December dont quote me on it. They will mail you the admission ticket like 3 weeks before the test and it will tell you the location and time be sure to check the time cause they have AM and PM tests if there are alot of applicants. I got a 99.8 on it when I took it 3 years ago I was list number 2224 so remember it takes time to get hired so keep your options open. Apply for Metro North or LIRR Conductor they make good money if your interested in the real railroad. Once you get called down there the first day they give you alot of paperwork to fill out. They also want you to bring in your actual ss card, birth cert, any court dispositions letters (this is so important I forgot mine and had to wait for the next class). Then after that they will schedule you for the medical depending if you have all the materials they asked for. The medical is fairly easy before you see the Dr's and do the hearing, audio, sight and interview with the quacks they make you do a computerize questionnaire. A little advice my father told me is SAY NO to all the questions anything you say yes too will delay you more cause they are gonna want you to goto your doctor and get files so unless it was something serious that you were admitted to a hospital for don't put it down. Once thats all squared away you will be sworn in that same day thats how it went for me and here I am today a Conductor whoo hoo ! I was going thru a bad time when I got hired I was working at a crappy company that wrote me up for missing 2 days of work to go be with my dad who had a heart attack. So this job couldn't have came to me at a better time because I was trying to get fired from my other job so I could collect unemployment lol but they wouldn't fire me. I realized in the end that I am glad I didn't get fired because I didn't wanna have that on my work record. Anything else you wanna know feel free to ask as I said before dont got take the test and think you will get hired in 4 months. It takes time so keep your options opened and check other railroad agencys.
  12. I was thinking the same thing I dont know about them the only Supt I know personally is my uncle lmao. He came out of CED so I would believe him about anything having to do with trains before anyone else he is almost like TSS Taylor when it comes to trains lol.

  13. I saw her today its not the person I thought she was, she decided that she was gonna goto work today. The dispatcher was telling me just do the first trip so that way by the time I got back that Crew Office wont bother with me which they didnt lol. I worked with Fermin do you know him lol ?

  14. Is your C/R for thursday the girl with the scar on her face, curly hair and big booty lol ?

  15. I parked around Euclid Station and never had an issue specially when the thugs would be hanging around when they see me I just nod to them and they say whats up lol.
  16. Thursday I got the (D)elta

  17. Wow thanks for the info 1day that is alot of stuff to learn maybe it would be easier to become a conductor there first that way I can learn the signals. Just as I am doing now in NYCT I really wanna be on the RR someday hehe. I thought you needed to have your locomotive eng license before you got the job ?
  18. Damn we could have been working together lol

  19. One rule in Transit is don't believe it till you see it on the road. I don't believe anything till I see it or if I am scheduled there and I work on it. Personally the line doesn't deserve them yet the should be getting new trains or the damn .
  20. Dave what job you got on the C ? I got 318 this wensday was curious if thats your job lol.

  21. You are right I may have to look into it you start off as the Asst. Conductor then go to Conductor.
  22. Thanks this is the new job posting for the LIRR Eng if your interested by the way.
  23. I wondered if there were any MOS for LIRR on this site who are Engineers I was interested in going to LIRR at one time. How would you go about getting the certification to being a Locomotive Engineer ?
  24. No no more like this lol http://bp3.blogger.com/_lrOCFQ09r2E/SDbZFkktzxI/AAAAAAAAAl0/_VVAgUBwdi0/s1600-h/mta_stair_safety_poster.jpg
  25. Dude you gotta do something with photoshop and make like the lil flyer of that I would definetly die laughing.
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