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  1. mine is goldcoinleopard

  2. hey can you invite me to ur group?

    email me at hman.easthorizons@gmail.com

  3. Yeah I'm a Manhattan person too. However like 80% of my friends at school are from Queens. My girl's from the UWS.

  4. Not to mention, there's a motley of O5's across the street from school. I'm expecting an NG anytime. Not to mention, there are some Artics that stop by too.

    Our school sees a LOT of BeeLine buses too.

    By the way, not sure if you learned this yet, but, 70% of the BSers live in Queens.

  5. Oh yeah, dude... click on view convo and then post in the box. Because right now I have to go your page to see your replies. lol

  6. Sure man, I might volunteer to do the orientation June.

    You got Facebook?

  7. haha.

    what's your name in real life?

  8. yo you wanna be my freshman? :]

  9. yup, current junior

  10. hey, are you going to BS next year?

  11. heh. i know, they are a pain. i was going to ask you to join, but seems like you ahead before me! sure, you're in the game!

  12. ikr, datz why our group is launching efforts to curb such nonsense

  13. It used to be that this forum was pretty reliable and that there was reason behind the posters. Now, there is no logic behind many posts and useless threads are prevalent. Furthermore, I never seen a period where locked threads are super prevalent.

  14. well yea, in america everyone has their opinion, however wen it gets to a level where it becomes a breeding ground for flame wars, it's off hand. yea, there are ppl who post inaccurate information or worthless crap. were trying to fix dis problem 2,,

  15. thanks man...

    rider's diaries is a forum similar to nyctf.. it's a transit forum, but many people despise it because of the foam issue there.

  16. man, my little group is hard at work doing dis crap, but then we hav ppl ranting shit abt how certain cars suck or rant abt how they hav to avoid lines cuz certain trains r there... itz jus terrible

  17. lol, i mean the forums... loads of junk i have to read. havnt bin here for a few days nd da place got screwed up

  18. Eh, i'm just on here cleaning this place up... hell of a time

  19. Uh, we don't attack foamers par se. However, we are only trying to raise awareness. We established our group to clear things out and not let the forum turn into a breeding ground for flame wars. We know what happened to Rider's Diaries. Harry has kept this forum well, and we are trying to make it better. We certainly do not want to see what happened on RD to appear here.

  20. Thanks man!... just stick in the thing in your signature.

    Yeah stupid inane posts... not just him...

  21. yo dude, you wanna join the Foam Patrol?

  22. Certainly I do, I live between Chinatown and Lower Eastside in Manhattan.

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