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  1. 大佬呀! 呢度係個地鐵黎架, 唔係蘭桂坊呀!

    點介仔架, 著成敢樣, 又唔fit下, 加上又咁大聲又粗魯. 嚇死人~aaah!

  2. ><超核凸. 好想嘔. 仲有d野零舍核凸呀... 好似有d男人, 擘開佢自己, 好似想俾其他人睇到佢既乜喇. 真係卑鄙無恥下流賤格. 人地都想坐喇, 係咪? :) 我真係好想叫呢d人.. "縮埋喇, 唔該!"

    我平時都搭d4號車返學... 但係d人搏晒命去霸個seat. 一有人起身, 十個人去爭位. 車廂又逼, 毋乜空位, 仲衰過荃灣線十幾廿倍. 所以我家陣搭d車返去, 起碼唔駛打交. 加上, 我條女又係每朝搭d車, 有時都會撞岩佢. 同埋, 訓覺都容易d喇!!!

  3. 今日又俾我殺一部r160. 我完先諗住搭架a車到14街, 後尾到西4街就俾我碰到9268. 今日真係發達啦!

    就職日快樂, 薯仔終於落台啦!

  4. hahaha... 我地點會影自己個樣呀? 除非我地係女人. 我多數會影我條女, d地鐵呀, d風景呀... 等等

    有一次俾我撞到n-trizzy (呢度d人). 我係世貿中心地鐵站果度巡. 咁我見到有一個楂住架相機既人, 我行埋去, 問佢. "你係咪個railfanner呀", 佢話"係呀!!!!!!!!!!!!", 咁我問, "你係咪響nyctf post呢?" 佢話"係呀"... 咁我問佢佢個handle係乜, 完來係n-trizzy. 幾random架. 後尾我地一齊遊車河, 咁岩俾我地撞到一部r160a型駛入個站.

  5. 影多d實會有經驗la! :)

    當初, 我d角度都攞得唔準. 後尾, 我同r160b 8713一齊railfan咁佢教我點攞d角囉. 遊車河果時有毋見到呢度d railfan呢?


  6. 每次遊車河我都用我架相機, 雖然係sony ericsson, 但係始終效果差d. 我想save d錢, 近住買個數碼相機. 我有load過我d相, 你可以睇下我既album. quality麻麻地. lol

  7. It depends. I heard reports that 1-2 sets may be pulled out of service to fix some problems.

    Probably up to 9282 is up to service, I think. I can't be sure. But it is possible.

  8. 超凍呀! 果晚得個華盛表3度!!!!!!

    我o係學校讀french, 毋計喇, 足足讀左2年, 又唔得放棄, 唯有就向前走.

    我4號已經走個一趟, 我打算聽日再兜一兜, 不過我下個禮拜大把時間, 非常好!

    家陣E車用緊r160a型車, 咁我又試下攞影多d pic囉.

  9. 喂, dustclee, 點呀? 有毋去遊車河?

  10. Merci beaucoup!

    "Si j'avais plus d'argent, j'habiterais en France." :cool:


    Quelles rames aimez-vous? Les rames vielles ou les rames nouvelles?

  11. Oui.:cool: Quelle division opérez-vous?

    La division A ou B?

    J'ai appris français pour trois ans à Bronx Science.

    Je suis en train d'apprendre les verbes pronominaux, mais je veux apprendre l'imparfait, le futur et le conditionnel.

  12. Merci beaucoup!

    Est-ce que vous êtes un operateur des trains?

  13. Ah, c'est bon. Comment est-ce que vous entreez les accents en l'ordinateur? (Par exemple: l'accent grave, l'accent circonflexe et cetera) Je ne connais pas.

  14. Est-ce que vous etes francais? Voulez-vous aider moi en mon francais? Je suis un eleve, je suis en train d'apprendre francais.

  15. There's a thing called Cantonese Phonetic IME, it is a software that allows users to use Cantonese to type in Chinese, that's what I use.


    go to cpime.hk

  16. you mean the vintage train? lol

    i'm really not sure.

  17. Yup... last stop on the Ma On Shan line

    They're in my school so it's great!

    I also know a girl from Yuen Long as well.



  18. wats ur name nd network?

  19. i used to. i have facebook though.

    Henry C. Man

    Network: Bronx High School of Science '10

    that should help

  20. LOL!

    I know people from Wu Kai Sha, Sha Tin, Quarry Bay and Heng Fa Tsuen here in NYC now.

  21. R160B 8713 is the handle of my friend, he's on "break" from the forum. He'll be back in full force, soon.

  22. GoldCoinLeopard

    wat's urs?

  23. Oh really?

    I actually lived in Tseung Kwan O, but I used Admiralty since TKO is really long to fit.

  24. Sure why not!

    I'll see if R160B 8713 is coming along

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