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  1. not sure about the , sum ppl might find it hard to read
  2. for the r179, instead of putting the logo, put a digitised version of the rollsigns used on the slants, mods, 42s, 44s, 46,s 62s, hippos... full of colour and nice and big as for the top, they can put in the destination
  3. Yea, the aerodynamic thing saves ALOT of energy, but the future slants will not look like the ones that are sitting on the deathbed tracks. More curves.
  4. Saw a r160 set on the zoe last thursday at canal street s/b at 1720 hours.
  5. I saw 9002 at Sunday running on the Nick S/B at Ave U at around 1700 hrs.
  6. Aren't they planning a light rail system now, that would use the tunnels?
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