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  1. Man those pics of the prevosts together(new and old) are absolutely spot on! Couldn't ask for better great stuff
  2. Nice load of pics...thanks for sharing keep them coming
  3. What camera shop you took yours too? My Sony has been kinda buggy on me.
  4. Sucks that happened to you. Those yellow cabs never learn their dam lesson that's why the express buses treat them how they do. That x10 is not a personal favorite of mine and never will be but those drivers got it tough in manhattan dealing with the traffic...other cars and buses but especially those yellow rat bastards ugh they're ridiculous! Hopefully next express line you ride you'll get a better experience.
  5. first thins is first...great coverage of pics!! a word of advice from one buff to another buff with SLR cameras...ISO sensitivity, never exceed 800 because of that graininess is known as "image noise" and that's a bitch!!! Lol you never want to see that...I don't exceed 800 from advice I was given so you would have to learn to have a steady hand A and B not only should you not exceed 800 but also once you are at 800, if ur shutter speed gets below 1/100 you gotta know what a steady hand is. If you don't know about white balance either, night time shots you should consider the incandescent white balance setting only for night time shots so you don't see all that redness u may notice!! once you practice all that, you'll get ya self better shots and you'll love it!!
  6. It's not an actual x19 in service. I had asked the operator if I could switch the sign to that....this was in service as an x38 to Coney Island.
  7. When you catch 5833 on the b44? I rode it today
  8. More Codebreaks as the end is near of the pick is near before the fall pick
  9. well idk the person who can move this to the bus forum, I tried to contact a moderator, I need help with this
  10. first time trying the "pop" feature and that's what I was thinking but just messing around with the camera a little bit and I may not really use it because I see the dark spots. sounds like a codebreak request to me! i'll work on that next time I head out and get a prevost with a driver I know

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