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  1. I picked :nec: because I live along it. That and all the Amtrak trains.
  2. pretty cool. I like the ziggurat cars (which I've taken to calling because of their distinctive corners).
  3. Hi. This be Ricky Rab. I intend to contribute to this forum (and hopefully Subchat, too) with comments that are intelligent and to the point, respectful of others and for the dead, and that don't set people off. I haven't posted here in a while, but this was not because of any Brooklyn-Kings Highway bus; rather, it was b/c I was busy. (I admit to riding a Subchat B7 but this was because I was immature and a n00b, and I thought Subchat to be a board of immature n00bs at the time. I now admit that attitude is wrong, and I apologize for acting in a way I shouldn't have acted.) That being said...

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