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  1. are they still being made or they're being pushed back? oh, and bstyles what about your subway tracks how are they coming?
  2. Green Eggs n' Pelham how are those station splines coming along i cant wait to use them they look so up scale and they match with the subway. do you have have every station-spline in a different color
  3. let me just add that DeKalb avenue on the Brighton/4 av line has split walls on the express tracks
  4. if you all can those should stations be passenger enabled
  5. Hey PM me here or on trainz ASAP.

  6. yes you definitely need triggers for those, will you put them in the signals?
  7. will the train react to these signals you making
  8. thats what ive been using for the past few days, i have a couple of subway platform splines and other type of platforms im working on with sketchup as well
  9. looking good so far i like the queens blvd section side of your route
  10. now thats what i'm talking about it looks way better than jaleels r143 and it looks more real
  11. do you have any more pics of you're route? I'm dying to see what you have in store
  12. no i'm nichols15 the one with a lot of videos of the rockaway branch with the R46's and R44's

  13. hello, I meant to ask are you "trainluvr" on youtube?

    Just curious. If so Ill sub.

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