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  1. the R62/R62A will last until there 40 years old.
  2. Nice Pictures! Cellphone cameras are crappiest cameras ever because it does not come out good. Use a digital camera next time not cellphone.
  3. I will have to disagree with you because I like the R44 because they best cars ever.
  4. Well in I know by 2010 the R32/R38/R40Slant/R40A/R40M/R42 will retire by 2010 completely. I thought the R42 would last til the year but there are enough R160 to replace all these trains.
  5. Okay stop arguing. This is not bvestation nithier subchat.
  6. The M-9 will be a future car for the LIRR Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-9_(railcar) Page 68: http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us/mta/budget/pdf/2008-2013%20Capital%20Plan.pdf The M-9 is a future LIRR car.
  7. Some one should create M-8 for Train Simulator.
  8. Let's find out if it is tommorow that will open.
  9. There going to (E)/(F)/®/(V) lines only and some will stay on the .
  10. oh well for you other guys,too bad you don't get it sunday,which is tomorrow. You will always get next sunday.
  11. OMG! Will you get over it. The R32 will retire in 2009 because its currently being replaced by the R160. Live with it because lots of things come to an ending. The will not change there mind about it anyways.
  12. Then use the (P) or (U) or (X) or (Y) instead of the .
  13. If the R188 ever replace the R62/R62A and have them retire early I swaer a god that I will hate those R188 if the R62/R62A ever retire early and get replaced.
  14. Yes they are. There in great shape. So they will last until there 40 years old. I think you have no love for the R62/R62A. I like the R62/R62A.
  15. the riders could not stand but those f**k up R32/R38.
  16. I will have to disagree with you because the IND Fulton Line in brooklyn can handle (A)/©/(E) lines since it has space for 3 routes.
  17. Staten Island should be part of NJ since it never gets cared by other 4 boroughs and this means more money for NYC(Manhattan),Brooklyn,Queens and Broxn.

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