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  1. Sooo... Got word that some RTSs from Quill will be coming over and some Xcelsiors from Ulmer Park will head over there not all of them but some. 5074 at Ulmer Park from Quill it just arrived, so 4897 for 5074 for now.

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    2. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      Hardly that bad when you consider a 9300 is the oldest bus there.

    3. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      LOL... I'm sure the passengers will just love seeing more run down RTS's...

    4. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      They had for years, hell the Hf buses are better than fighting ppl to get to the back of a Lf bus. Lf buses should be on low use lines, not heavy use ones. Or maybe they can take some express buses to run on the locals to satisfy the demand for a new bus :P

  2. Happy New Years everybody!!!!' Time for 2013, more new photo(s) & video(s) to come!!! Start off great & be safe!!!

    1. Metro CSW

      Metro CSW

      Loud & Clear, brotha! thanks!

  3. Changing my name tonight ... No longer "CiBoii22"

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    2. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      lol, next idea to raising money: change your handle name to a corporate sponsor, lol

    3. Brighton Express

      Brighton Express

      Lol after I changed my name to Brighton Express... It pretty much took off form there.

    4. Via Garibaldi 8
  4. Happy Birthday To ME!!!

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    2. User


      Happy Birthday! Go fanning, that's what I did on mine.

    3. lilbluefoxie
    4. ciboii22


      Thanks guys!!

  5. I think i saw you , I wasnt really paying attention .

  6. I know that , it didnt break down it caught on fire .

  7. Alright no problem .

  8. Np , ill have it for you by tomorrow evening if not tomorrow then friday , they didnt take the bus out today it is in the depot sitting on the left side next to the last garage door its in the back against the wall next to 2185 .

  9. Yea , u wanna check back on saturday? me and vinny are going . I got on 0058 i went in the swing room to see if my uncle was there so he was and he took me back there to see it . Supiorvisors there are cool

  10. Watsup pablo , i met freshpond @ ulmer pk , sorry i missed you .

  11. Im going @ 12 pm

  12. hey olegkha , whats going on .

  13. Nice vid of you & kr

  14. Hey kr whats going on ?

  15. nm jc , you wanna go with me and freshpond to upk one day when hes off?

  16. Thanks , he should be back this week coming up and we have 5136 frrom flatbush depot it has cameras i think

  17. I just saw 4318 going back to ulmer park a few minutes ago

  18. When are you coming to upk ?

  19. Hey whats up .

  20. hey u used to be a b.o?

  21. he knows my password . i had to get another pc . so im back on now . and i went on his computer

  22. Notthing just bored . my lil cousin went into my profile on here and told everyone i was a b/o and hes only 10 years old . i am 15 .

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