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  1. Thanks and when you turn it on it flashes different colors ... Red, orange, green, blue, yellow, white and purple.
  2. Now onto what belongs to the park/GA:
  3. Thought i'd share what's been taken within the past month !
  4. Well it was a quiet night ... First shot for 2015 .
  5. Figured I'd post these .... It's been nearly 9 months since I've uploaded something .. This hobby isn't really the same anymore but enjoy the pictures ....
  6. Yeah, shocked me when I saw 9203 in the bay the other day and they moved it and took it out back and parked it faced in. Same with 9426 like an hour later.
  7. Don't know if mentioned but.. 4936 UP - EN it was running on the B82 today. 9203, 9426 to UP.
  8. You don't know that, knowing the MTA they'll keep it there. They change a lot of things around ....
  9. Yeah same exact thing I heard, 4922 was out on the 1 today and 9685 was on the 36. But there's some kind of emergency shuttle going on. It has the G shuttle papers in the windows and UP drivers are using them but I'm hearing it's only for a week. They don't have enough buses to cover the shuttle runs so they're borrowing others.
  10. No they're not... They're on loan to UP for the G Shuttle. 4922 was run 035 all day it was on the B1, I rode it & I have pictures of it. 9685 justPulled in off the 36, it has GA stickers and 4956 is at UP also but they're not staying it's just for the week.
  11. 2489 back at UP after being away for several months due to an accident.
  12. Its not at FB! It's at UP they just pealed the UP stickers off last week.... People said 9571 was at GA the other week in service and it wasn't it was just there for engine work.
  13. Don't know if reported but 8833 at EN now it was running around today on the 82 with them big #'s in front & still has MTA Bus labels.
  14. It never left.. Whoever said it was at GA it wasn't in service it was towed to GA for CMF they had to service the engine. 9088??? That bus is LONG!! gone lol. It had a fire on the B6 a long time ago on Avenue J & Coney Island Avenue. If I can find the video I'll post it up.
  15. Yes I completely forgot 8810 is at JA now but @Rick44 it's not getting reassigned its just getting fixed up/painted.
  16. Well 8810 has a LGA sticker on the left back top side but it's not at LGA as of now its sitting at the JFK Vendor waiting to be Painted/Serviced it's sitting along with 4859, 4737, 4031-4032 4431 & 6797.
  17. No, he's telling the truth it was in Storage. There's a lot of things people thought would be gone and it's still sitting there. 9182 for example, 8951 + a few others and they're probably not even on the System Reserve.
  18. Woah 9571,9677 UP - GA??? I just saw 9571 being towed to GA for work the other day so it'll probably return. As for 9677 that belonged to FB.
  19. Been a long time since I posted but here...

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