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  1. How is that extra buses, I thought the delivery was from 4810-4899?
  2. The R142A's from the line (most likely the 6) and the R188's (the few cars that would be built) are not replacing anything. They are displacing the R62As from the . The MTA wants to run CBTC on the line. Unlike the , the runs 11-car trains, which requires an additional car or a conversion unit.
  3. Don't "think" if your unsure. I rode 3998 on the S53 yesterday and saw a few 39XX buses on CAS routes.
  4. The 4945-5012 series is my all time favorite. And they've been there since day 1 at ENY.
  5. UP should be getting new buses soon (NovaBus LFS and Prevost later this year to next year). Also, depots don't make transfer decisions, the Department of Buses does for a variety of reasons such as mileage and fleet age (At least thats what I believe is done)
  6. 3945 is a Flatbush original. But about that. I remember reading an article from the fta (its from the early 90s) about nyc, in particular manhattan and the extreme stop and go and manhattan really jacks up the engine and transmission of buses. Even though its a hybrid, regardless of the maintenance, its going to take a toll
  7. Its not a height issue for one, MCI's are 11ft 5 inchs. I remember 4220 being at Ulmer Park for a bit (according to what I read before hand). Maybe, I think, its a union issue in regards to driver training or mechanic training? I only see that is the only reason. Also, CNG's usually require major building modification, not hybrids if im not mistaken...
  8. I didn't want to create a separate thread and I'm not sure this is a bus move but I saw four minues ago 4096 & 4138 from Yukon on Atlantic and Nostrand Av (westbound) in Brooklyn. Where were they goin or coming from?

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