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  1. to be honest i really enjoyed riding the new the annauncements were prety fast miss the(V) trains looking forward to
  2. Astoria - coney island via astoria lcl via bway exp via sea beach exp p.s i need some fantasy maps please send me some :lock:
  3. mkoyf


    :cool::cool:post all r160 find,led,lcd side destination bar ANYTHING!!!!!!! ps where do u get them
  4. the 160 on the r is every where especially whitehall <R><R> some terminate there70(RR)
  5. every sunday nov.28-last sunday in december on 2 ave lower east side
  6. where can u do your own map i realy wanna know?
  7. please give me a link how u got this PPLLEEAASSEE i beg u. thanks(A)
  8. i saw a preview and it looks like the 6 is not real what do u think?:cry:(NYCT)
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