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  1. And they deserve it after that kind of experience. I think by the time service was shut down in this storm the damage was done that it didn’t make a difference either way.
  2. I don’t understand. Why do they have to work in the Jorelemon Tube for 2 years when they just did a couple years ago? Anyone know?
  3. I think they should have suspended outdoor service earlier. Too many trains delayed .
  4. It seems like service resumed according to subway time.
  5. stays as is 8 minutes apart stays as it is 8 minutes apart. eliminated Woodlawn -New Lots every 8 minutes local In Brooklyn shuttle to 180 from dyre every 8 min same as now (6X) suspended every 8 min like now 7X suspended local for sure in Brooklyn maybe also in Manhattan no rockaway park service every 8 minutes combined on all lines suspended suspended every 8 min like now E regular every 8 minutes perhaps local In queens if is send on second ave exactly the way service is now maybe cut back to 4th ave no changes every. 8 minutes same route they may leave that one alone will see. probably Met to Chambers N same every 8 min maybe local in Manhattan every 8 min same route as now R every 8 minutes like now ( maybe would end at 96/2) Franklin remains but Times Square eliminated emlinated eliminated that’s my thoughts

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