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  1. I was thinking why that train has been there since 8? They still haven’t said this is a derailment on their site. I read that it was indeed a derailment but why are they hiding that from their site ???
  2. There was a stalled train at 110st that rerouted and trains on the line
  3. When does the NYPD decide which Tracks should be closed during an investigation? Tonight out of all nights I needed to be at Sheepshead Bay ! When I got there law and behold the Manhattan bound platform was indeed closed as MTA said on their website. But thank g-d at least trains were going express .i had go to Brighton Beach to switch for a Manhattan Bound train and just missed the last for the night. But how does the NYPD decide wether to power off one track or more then one track?
  4. The last (F) express to get to midtown is around 8:20. Basically Soemone who starts work around 9Am Dosent have use for this .
  5. It’s not great to have two trains terminating on the same track all day. Could be they are doing work at relays. I don’t really know. At least they aren’t turning (4)s at Atlantic weekdays anymore .
  6. The problem is they are both terminating at Utica and if they are both on the same track it’s kind of rough .
  7. Not necessarily. Canarsie tune is closed now .normally it’s 8th ave. Could be unlreated.
  8. I thought they can terminate both the and at Utica Ave together . I guess not that weekend for some reason. At least there not doing that during the week . It’s been a long time since they did that during the week
  9. Yesterday I got off at Kingston and yes there was congestion again! However there was an earlier incident Manhattan bound. So maybe this delayed the Utica ave bound trains? I don’t know . I think if service is normal in general then the waits before Utica are less.
  10. Utica has special relay operators for all trains I believe. Also as soon as a train arrives they have several people checking to make sure no one is on . I’ve noticed major improvements there. Its easier now though cause i usually check subway time or an app to see if there is a bottleneck going into that station .. if yes I’ll get off at Franklin and take a but it’s usually good however I don’t usually go between 5 and 7 . So maybe it hasn’t changed but I think it did . Also unrelated the waiting at Nostrand for a or to cross rush hour had dramatically improved ! 75 percent of time it’s in and out ! Even rush hour (especially evening ) can be pretty good believe it or not!
  11. I have .i believe it’s been better. I usually though don’t do it between 5-7 which is the worse time. Sometimes I get off at Kingston and stick around a little to see how the ,s are doing and lately I’ve noticed they are better . If they do wait it’s usually minimal.
  12. It’s actually not so bad . The relays have greatly improved at stations like Utica Ave and Church Ave . Many times a train comes into Utica and it can be out a minute later ! It used to be much worse ! Trains used to line up to almost Franklin waiting to get it at times . The by Church is not so bad . I do it many sundays . Almost never do we have to wait for to leave !
  13. Not necessarily. Let’s say the G.O area was near Roosevelt Island they can’t send the to 96th?
  14. Looks Kind of hard to run a shuttle to 34th or 42nd. Unfortunately it dosnet seem like there was an option . Unless maybe to run the 3 to 42nd and back ? On the way to 42nd you actually can run the normal but then how do you get it back to to local? Not sure if it would have made sense but anyway it’s over now . Will worry about it next time 😊
  15. I remeber going to school way back . The 4 was local to Franklin then express to Atlantic

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