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  1. It’s probably right on the switch. a train went BIE before but then they said it was 34th.
  2. It’s probably the same train. They just moved it to get service running again on the and lines. I’ve noticed less of these work train incidents by the way. Or at least less time that service is affected
  3. Don’t tell me a northbound or train struck someone north of 59th st and everyone on that train had to suffer during the investigation.
  4. It was not there 5 min after crews checked. It left pretty quickly. It had too as there were a bunch of trains that needed to come in, the next train came in on the track if anyone was paying attention.
  5. Wait a minute they can’t run the express (And then local) to Bedford Park? Why don’t they run to Bedford and to 205th like rush hour? I don’t see why the had to run to 168th . There are switches at stations up ahead so they can switch back.
  6. It’s not so bad if they terminate it on the middle track. As long as they send them out the other way in a timely manner back to Manhattan. But now that I think about it it requires a move to 6th line and a merge with and that’s not so great.
  7. It started again... so the question is how can they run regular 3 service from Utica during this service change. BY other transit systems do they deal with these things better?
  8. Didn’t evolve it’s over, maybe one train was turned. Maybe
  9. The MTA has an issue that whenever service is messed up trains can never run normally . In this case once they got to Broadway Junction I doubt service was normal. I’m sure trains were not running normal headways. It’s not a bad idea though
  10. Are at least half of trains R179,s?
  11. .wow an took a wrong lineup! How did that happen? Shouldn’t the train operators first check with RCC to see if they should take the lineup? What happened today at 96th st on 7th ave. Don’t tell me a switch problem halted service on all 3 lines. Sounds more like a signal problem .
  12. Afterwards I saw a R46 then I took a R32 back One stop to my station. Then I saw I think 2 more R179 and 1 or 2 more 179 plus a NIS R46
  13. I did a little railfanning now . So far I’ve I see 3 and 1 all of which was R179
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