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  1. This has to stop . If you want to kick people off uses without masks kick them all off(or make an announcement that you must put it on and if you don’t have you must leave)  Not just who you feel.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Snorunts said:

    How full was the bus? It’s not safe being on a crowded bus during this time, especially if the front is blocked off.

    Can they run more service . The problem is just going to get worse. But I guess if it’s free we just have know that’s It’s a risk.

  3. 3 hours ago, B35 via Church said:

    Alright, but what were the circumstances though? To me, this sounds like a situation where you tried running for the bus & just missed out.... If that's the case, the b/o doesn't have to open the door in that situation..... At that point, it's at the b/o's courtesy/discretion....

    If not, then this story needs more details, before I start thinking this is something worth reporting a b/o over.....

    I mean it was kind of crowded most  seats were taken but there was room to stand.  My point is that it would have been the same number of people on the bus as before . Maybe the driver could be given also a MTA bus time log to see how far the next bus is so they can determine if maybe it’s not so bad to make me wait for the next bus.  In yesterday’s case the next bus was 15 min away, if the driver knew that maybe she would have been nicer. I’m sure the next bus I also would have not been let out, but there I always a catch when something is free. In the next few weeks only a certain amount of people will be able to take buses if they keep things like this...

  4. Yesterday I was waiting for a b12 the driver would not let me on stating that it was to full. But that’s not fair. Someone got off .Why can’t a take her place and get on? That is not right and I think I, going to report it. Is there any reason it was ok? Please sound away 

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  5. 4 hours ago, R32 3838 said:

    dude you Buggin, I rode the (L) this morning towards Broadway Junction and the train leaving it was packed and this was around 7am, the (A) had more people in it vs. phase 1. The (L) obviously needs more service so people can social distance. the (C) is the only line that is very easy to socially distance yourself. that's why the experts, the Mayor and governor wants (MTA) to run full service so people won't to close to eachother. that's the point of stopping the spread. and I counted atleast 15 people not wearing masks in the subway.


    every B division line except the (L) is normal. the (L) is still on a 7-10 min headway since the (J)(Z) is using more R143's and the (C) is using 2 R160's from ENY.

    The (C) and (F) are also longer headways. I took an (F) could not social distance if you wanted a seat.

  6. 1 hour ago, QM1to6Ave said:

    Bus 7397 on the Q20 now scrolls "essential workers" and masks required" on the destination sign besides the usual Q20 info

    what happens if you go on a bus and not an essential worker? The pandemic is almost over most likely. Why be so strict? Especially if they wear masks.

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  7. 20 hours ago, bwwnyc123 said:

    It is Weekday Essential Service including All Subway Lines are back in service, (A)(C) Lines may still be low on Subway Cars because of no R179 even though they have some R160 running in its place and also R46 sets.


    21 hours ago, happy283 said:

    What was strange is that trip planner said the (A) will be normal tomorrow which doesnt make sense. Why not make it today  unless they dont have plans to at all or at least not yet.

    The (A) is not normal today as well looks like.

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