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  1. It seems like the MTA has given up on the real time info for the Franklin Ave Shuttle.
  2. I don’t get why the N is express on 4th ave this weekend.Why merge on other tracks when just it and the R could be together all the way to Manhattan ?
  3. They have to write emergency brakes. And I want to know does this happens in other cities too?
  4. But it’s the truth they are the emergency brakes . You might be right though . Some people might think “what ? 10 emergencies a day”? The reality is its very little . They run 8000 trips i believe
  5. What does the average rider think when they see “ a trains brakes were activated” ? I would think “the MTA really needs to fix those trains!” They should write “emergency brakes” that’s a little better.
  6. It’s still going on. They are still blaming the issue on “train with brakes activated”.an hour later I feel they should say why brakes were activated for an hour plus 😊.
  7. But if the switch problem is at Hudson Yards can’t they run service to Times Square like regular (before the Hudson yards days)? Why do they have to terminate trains in Queens I don’t understand.
  8. Has anyone ever been on a train where the doors didn’t open at your stop? Tonight I was on a train and they said “this is - the next stop is “ but never opened the doors.in this case they did after but anyone ever witness doors not opening?
  9. Poor passengers that’s the second week in a row a train got stuck in the 60th st tunnel for a nice amount of time.
  10. According the MTA site Manhattan bound trains are via the this weekend but according to subway time and a t/o I asked today train service is normal this weekend in Brooklyn.
  11. Maybe there are not enough (4) trains in service now so some have to end at bowling green to make up for service ?
  12. But I think they would have worked quicker to fix it but that’s just me . I think this issue might have been caused by trackwork and it’s possible today’s Burnside Ave issues were also caused by trackwork.
  13. I believe (5) is always express whenever it runs on lex including late nights unless G.O.s
  14. Speaking of stuck trains what happens in a medical emergency? Does that person have to wait till train moves ?
  15. I have a question ? If this happend during rush would service still Be out? Something tells me no! Anyone agree?
  16. Not always true .Big signal problem now at Ave H and service is still running.
  17. This morning they wrote that there was challenges switching trains .i don’t get what the real problem is .Sounds like this was planned last minute with no prep whatsoever.
  18. I think it would be good for the (N) to run local all way with the (R) to 57/7 from 59th st in Brooklyn during this shutdown.A lot of commuters would complain but the end result would be a LOT less merging . I saw on subway time tonight at times lots of tranins trying to get in S/B at 36th st.If my plan would be there would Be no merging whatsoever!
  19. Atlantic Ave Junction . Utica Ave Some things that contribute I think are how far underground they are and also I heard the new trains air conditioners make stations hot.
  20. It was VERY short.Subway time showed F trains going through Rutgers around 12:30 pm Already I believe .
  21. I don’t get why sometimes they have to turn power off in a whole section. Let’s say Grand army plaza and train power off. Do they have to turn power off on the local tracks or also the express as well?
  22. Tonight there was no Service on 4th ave in Brooklyn from about 8:45 to around 9:30 pm or so. Was crazy the platform at Atlantic Ave southbound was dangerously packed. The worst part was that no announcements were made . At least if announments were made people would know to get an Uber etc...
  23. It would be nice if something could be done about all the incidents that’s involve one person but that’s life i guess.
  24. Not sure what happenend but it was a good move to have the (5)s running local manhattan bound. It seems the trains got stuck in a way that it blocked all Rogers junctions trains and they couldn’t take that risk during the rush . They said the train in the morning lost power . I wonder if the air conditioning shut off.I hope not.also many times when a train goes BIE in the same area multiple times Probobaly it’s a signal/rail/switch problem . In this case they had to change the service to avoid more problems.
  25. That’s what it was showing beofre it stopped. It wasn’t working for the longest time .Now it started again . My best part is the history of how long the trip took. Unforunely from iOS 10 it doesn’t show the seconds anymore so you don’t really know if the train is in Service or now .
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