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  1. Not necessarily. Canarsie tune is closed now .normally it’s 8th ave. Could be unlreated.
  2. I thought they can terminate both the and at Utica Ave together . I guess not that weekend for some reason. At least there not doing that during the week . It’s been a long time since they did that during the week
  3. Yesterday I got off at Kingston and yes there was congestion again! However there was an earlier incident Manhattan bound. So maybe this delayed the Utica ave bound trains? I don’t know . I think if service is normal in general then the waits before Utica are less.
  4. Utica has special relay operators for all trains I believe. Also as soon as a train arrives they have several people checking to make sure no one is on . I’ve noticed major improvements there. Its easier now though cause i usually check subway time or an app to see if there is a bottleneck going into that station .. if yes I’ll get off at Franklin and take a but it’s usually good however I don’t usually go between 5 and 7 . So maybe it hasn’t changed but I think it did . Also unrelated the waiting at Nostrand for a or to cross rush hour had dramatically improved ! 75 percent of time it’s in and out ! Even rush hour (especially evening ) can be pretty good believe it or not!
  5. I have .i believe it’s been better. I usually though don’t do it between 5-7 which is the worse time. Sometimes I get off at Kingston and stick around a little to see how the ,s are doing and lately I’ve noticed they are better . If they do wait it’s usually minimal.
  6. It’s actually not so bad . The relays have greatly improved at stations like Utica Ave and Church Ave . Many times a train comes into Utica and it can be out a minute later ! It used to be much worse ! Trains used to line up to almost Franklin waiting to get it at times . The by Church is not so bad . I do it many sundays . Almost never do we have to wait for to leave !
  7. Not necessarily. Let’s say the G.O area was near Roosevelt Island they can’t send the to 96th?
  8. Looks Kind of hard to run a shuttle to 34th or 42nd. Unfortunately it dosnet seem like there was an option . Unless maybe to run the 3 to 42nd and back ? On the way to 42nd you actually can run the normal but then how do you get it back to to local? Not sure if it would have made sense but anyway it’s over now . Will worry about it next time 😊
  9. I remeber going to school way back . The 4 was local to Franklin then express to Atlantic
  10. Maybe then just write train. Because work train people know are older and issues can last longer.
  11. M and Q trains have service changes and delays because of a work train experiencing a mechanical problem at 96 St. M trains are stopping along the B line in both directions between 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Center and 145 St. There is no Q train service in both directions between 57 St-7 Av and 96 St. See a station agent for a courtesy pass for continuing service. For stations along 2 Av, use nearby 6 line service along Lexington Av. For service to/from Lexington Av-63 St, use the nearby Lexington Av-59 St station. View Online: https://mymtaalerts.com/m?BC184 Unsubscribe: https://mymtaalerts.com/u?rtypyvp what in the world is a work train doing there ? Is there a yard there if not it Dosent belong there unless it’s a G.O
  12. Probobaly they will cut the and to end early (like they already do a lot of times) and perhaps also cut those lines middays . Maybe cut the and (south of 180) on weekends . perhaps even cut the on weekends though I hope it’s not that bad!
  13. Instead of my pattern they left the 4 and 5 normal and 2 and 3 needing to cross over after Atlantic. Makes no sense. Or they could have had the 3 just run from New Lots to Utica. I think one train did that . Too make a long story short all I’m saying is that there were too many different moves at Atlantic ave. But I think they weren’t prepared to do the pattern I recommend
  14. It’s the best they could have done. I know it Dosent make sense. But I saw on transsee.ca that some 4 trains took 30 minutes from Franklin to Atlantic! That makes no sense ! In the pattern I described there would have been delays but no 30 minutes from those stations.
  15. I think for yesterday this would have been the best service pattern to cause the least delays .Anytime 7th ave is completely closed off this is what should be done. regular then via Lex after Atlantic regular to Utica (Maybe to Franklin but I think would cause too many delays with all trains trying to merge) then express till Atlantic last stop Local Utica to Atlantic then then regular regular besides local Franklin to Atlantic The above Applies only if and can switch to Lex without having to worry about trains switching to spur track. If the dosent block the others trains path then this is definitely what should be done! With this pattern the has its own track to turn around and not block other trains from proceeding into manhattan. In my opion they should just suspend the and have the run from new lots but if not this must be done especially during rush. Yes I know there would be a lot of confusion but at least trains would be moving
  16. Does anyone know if any trains went via Lex today?
  17. There have been no advisories at all relating to this .Proboablh cause it was structaul work and not signal or track related.
  18. I think if it’s planned it’s doable.
  19. My question is if let’s say one day the switch to Canarsie would be out but they could relay in yard. Can they still run trains like regular?
  20. Could be . Wouldn’t be surprised.
  21. There is no reason for any of that . They already run 4 lines on Dekalb track from 7PM. In terms of a full time Express track shutdown between 36 and Atlantic. That would be a problem. The only real way they can do that is build a switch from Atlantic 4th ave local to the bypass. Or perhaps send all Broadway trains Except maybe the via Montague and make service every 15-20 min,
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