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  1. I know that but I was curious when that will be .
  2. Does anyone know when the N will run express again from 59-36 in Brooklyn ?
  3. All pages subway time and MYmta now show arrival times for the downtown platforms on Sea Beach but they still haven’t made an announcement (unless it’s on Twitter)
  4. When will be the day when they will get things right ?
  5. I’m not so sure about that . On weekend of July 5 N trains run via D and in that entry it says the stations are closed.
  6. Earlier today MTA posted that they were removing a train from service at DeKalb ave on the and .my question is how is that possible if the train skips that station. The incident ended rather quick for a rescue train to be brought then wrong rail back to Pacific st. Anyone know what happennd?
  7. I have a feeling maybe that might have been since there is no crew office there or something? I guess since it was 7pm already they just thought they would call it a day.
  8. The only thing is sometimes 2 people try sneak in.
  9. Subwaytime is showing some trains out.Anyone know what that’s about? There are now 3 trains downtown and appareatly one just left Brighton beach. Going to Bedford park.
  10. The always went to Flatbush if I’m correct.
  11. Correct. The went local whenever the was on extended headway and when the terminated anywhere on Lex.
  12. During the Clark st Shutdown the terminated at Grand Central ?? What served Flatbush then ? Ahh I think I get what happened that weekend . The 5 ran between Grand Central and Flatbush
  13. https://jalopnik.com/new-yorks-brake-pulling-subway-supervillain-has-delayed-1834966465
  14. Sounds like the same train that had the dirty car had the brakes activated
  15. I believe the train start ramping down a little later now but I’ll check subway time tomorrow evening to confirm it
  16. One day a month no construction. But headways still reduced to 10 minutes but all trains full route on Tuesday night .
  17. Tonight’s there is no in Manhattan.is that affecting riders?
  18. Subway time showed a train signed up to “Euclid Ave”. Which means it was proboably originally a . I should ask Twitter if it happenend.
  19. I have a question . Was there. Ever G.O where the skipped 145th st? In other words a complete run from 157-96? I know they have done 145 to 96 but I want to know if it ever started from 157?
  20. All L train stations sunday night in Brooklyn (besides for Bedford ave and Lorimer St) were a desert. People really looked for alternatives.
  21. I don’t think any trains were rerouted . I think all trains were held in stations till they fixed the problem. That’s why Subway time showed
  22. Another way you can know is be on the first car then check which track has the lineup ,then you will know .
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