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  1. I think it was uptown. Subway time showed “Delayed” readings in the uptown direction at the time of the incident .
  2. That was more then a 30 min delay between stations. If it was done on purpose person should get in trouble.
  3. For those on here who keep the sabbath this happend once and was the difference for me making it on time!
  4. I think it is . At least from what I’ve experienced. I would imagine though if There was an issue on the they would cross it over and do it on the local.
  5. On the downtown when do they skips from Hoyt Schmerhorn do they switch to local or keep on express?
  6. It seems to happen a lot . Could be it happens more . I was on two trains that Brakes activated in the past year but both didn’t require an investigation.
  7. I know I’ve been taking about this a lot. However I want to know . Is there anything that can be done about the train With brakes activated. It seems like there is a bunch of emails a day about it, I mean can something be done about it?
  8. I’m not saying it’s pleasent i was just saying 2 hours from grand central to Woodlawn is way overdoing it . Look at that link I posted above . Set the date to yesterday
  9. Ok you know what we don’t have to wait for tomorrow.this website TransSee.ca now has history for all lines. Here is the history for today For 4 trains https://www.transsee.ca/triplist?a=mtasubway&route=4 a few trains arrived at Woodlawn 20 min late but even those the whole trip didn’t not take more then 2 hours so that’s it.
  10. We can check livetrain.nyc tomorrow (which is back in business in case no one noticed ) And we can check for ourself. I doubt it though . Has to be a delay for then 30-45 min .maybe if it’s local plus delayed then maybe,
  11. 2 hours from grand central to Woodlawn? I doubt it ! The whole route from Brooklyn is only 1 hour and 10 min. Even though it’s rush hour 2 hours is way overdoing it!
  12. My question was any BIE where he had to conduct an an investigation of the whole train to determine the cause of the BIE. Or any BIE not caused by a passenger.14 years without doing that? sounds pretty lucky to me .
  13. Hi I talked to a train operator today who told me he has been working for 14 years And never experienced a BIE. Is this possible?
  14. It can’t be better for the letter lines I dont think . Subway time is the best cause it Shows you the exact same thing as the clocks in station.
  15. That is correct .there is no way for an (N) to be at express track at 36th st and go to /have come from Sea Beach. Any train at 36th st on express must have come from/going to West End. Today there was a G.O Whwre manhattan bound (D) was via (N) . So all 3 had to run on the same track from 59 to 36.
  16. When is the MTA board supposed to decide on this? I have this feeling it may be reveresed.
  17. Based on one of my apps service just resumed .i wonder if any trains even turned . Maybe 1 or 2 the most
  18. The only way to run 4th ave trains at normal headway’s would be either : 1.Stop the at 7pm.(or run it at a 12 or 15 min interval?) 2: Run the via Montague.
  19. The last B usually leaves Brighton at 8:35 but that’s after they start local on 4th ave which is around 7
  20. The Dosent end till around 8:55 at DeKalb when ending early
  21. I forgot to add that since 4 trains need to share track at DeKalb that’s probobaly why the modified schedule. They maybe could send the N via Whitehall.
  22. They already have been doing this on a lot of nights now it’s just officiall
  23. It also seems they actually moved a train back in order to retrieve it .tough situation for those on those trains . This is why many times I bring a radio scanner so at least I’ll know what’s going on .
  24. Yes I saw .it seems like the main issue here was the dog got stuck under the trains . And since they removed power they really couldn’t move them.
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