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  1. I believe trains are stuck on he bridge for a long time now.
  2. Oh I see what your saying .Well the can still provide service via cranberry downtown.
  3. Can they run both F and C to Euclid ? Is that possible ? So what if the manhattan bound cranberry is out of service ? They run the many times when that’s happening. That’s not an excuse
  4. Why can’t you run the via Rutgers ? There is nothing closed on that route .
  5. What they could do is send the to 2nd ave. could go via Rutgers to replace the and then go back on it’s regular route to Euclid . I think this weekend it’s more complicated with on 6th ave but on a regular weekend with this G.O Does this make sense? I think it might
  6. But the will be out on part of 8th ave. On a normal week though you would be right.
  7. Does anyone know where I can find historical data on when trains arrived at stations ?
  8. It sounds like some stuff went wrong during last nights work
  9. I’ve seen work trains on express culver lately during rush though maybe that’s different
  10. Hopefully they will tackle the union st issue tonight during the work.
  11. It was good but now they make you wait for a car ,detours.thats just me other people might love it.
  12. Don’t be so intimidating by pool unless you have time to kill.
  13. Not,that I don’t respect them it is very sad But they couldn’t run the trains express?
  14. It’s over.but why did it happen is what customers want to know.
  15. Ive noticed anything on its first couple of days always has issues. The second ave subway also did. Go back the advisories week of 1/1/17.youll see what I mean.
  16. It’s still on the site but it seems trains are moving.
  17. Today I heard the on scanner the train operator of N train announce the incident at 20av. I can’t day exactly what I heard but I will say say he sounded very upset 😢 .Also I happenend to be going to 86st on R line when the Jay St incident occurred . At Atlantic Platform was packed ! I was first thinking why not run some trains local but it’s very hard to do that since they have to stop at DeKalb and merge with the and . One went local 2 ‘s cane went express . I took one and for heaven sake why do we have to wait 3 min to get into 36th st .Why dosnet the train operator announce himself by like 25th and then they will just give the lineup. I don’t understand. Especially with countdown clocks don’t the tower operators know what train is coming ?
  18. Today I saw a 4 train stopped by express track at Kingston because of a sick passenger at Utica.it was there for 10 min proboaly more like 20 then the train keyed by a red signal.my guess is they were going to connect the train with the next train and have everyone walk through the trains to exit at Utica. But I’m guessing it was over by the time it could be done.
  19. My problem is on some days about 10-15 are emailed. Is that considered a lot or it’s nothing?
  20. They seem to say either “mechanical problem” “brakes automatically activated” or “stalled train”. I think th best thing is “train with emergency brakes activated” that’s the real truth.
  21. I know I talk about this a lot But Does anyone think it’s happening way too much lately?
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