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  1. Whole world's Made in China anyway, so I don't get the difference.
  2. One of my favorite songs from my favorite band.
  3. The SLE EMUs would probably be a side order of M8s.
  4. I don't know what the big fuss is about the screening on the U.S. side, after all, the blame should be on the State Department for not taking the warning about him, and the Dutch for letting hip slip through.
  5. Shooting someone with intent to wound them if they are trying to run you over with an automobile, or kill you in another way, it does not work. If attacked, the only defense the police can rely on when they need to is shooting to kill the attacker.
  6. Thats the rank of a colonel at the last picture, which makes no sense in the huge jump from a Command Sergeant Major to a high officer rank, oh well...
  7. Those stains as you describe them look like rust to me.
  8. I always thought they started at 100, oh well... I never saw a P40 in storage so I couldnt really comment on that, just what I read.
  9. P42DC numbers start at 100. The headlight position is the same, IIRC. The major difference is one that you cannot see, which is the motor. All the light positioning is exactly the same on all three models. A unique feature of the P40 is that there is an operating stand at the rear, I am not sure if they were removed though. So, externally they are pretty much the same, I am not sure about some minor differences, but that is from what pictures tell me.
  10. That is a nice idea, but the only engines LIRR can use to pull other railroad's fleets is the Amtrak P32AC-DM, which is certianly NOT avaliable for lease, as Amtrak only has 17 of them. The next problem is installing a new track to hold more service, since there is really only one track going out east to Montauk.
  11. Personally, I couldn't have cared less about Woodstock had I been alive at that time. Really, its just a field of hippies.
  12. I saw some photos of the station, at least I thought it was it, from the 1920s...
  13. If I read my search results correctly, there was indeed a Springfield Gardens station.
  14. It is not that the Viewliner needs replacment, but the Viewliner 2 has baggage cars, baggage-dorm cars, diners and more sleepers, since they are short on Viewliners with only 50 of them ordered, and 48 operational if my memory is right.
  15. I believe thats the sign signalling engineers to sound the horn at a railroad crossing, 2 long, 1 short and a long blast if I remember correctly.

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