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  1. When started, and the M was going to 9th Ave and Bap Pkwy, they did store some there during the day. This started around 30 years ago, and ended at some point between 2001 and 2010.
  2. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2019/08/07/times-square-shuttle-to-get-upgrade-after-century-of-service Now, it's "MIGHT add the passageway". The passageway is already built (and the 6th Ave. end visible), just not opened. I see the stuff posted above is talking about the technical difficulties of the underpass to be used to get to it. Especially involving a sewer they have to go under. So they're considering dropping it now? I would say they should consider using the existing (and long closed) underpass that runs between the Bway express tracks, to the far side platform, and then extend the passageway to there. (which is where I thought the passageway was going to come out anyway).
  3. I'm just noticing they haven't mentioned the one on the other side of the shuttle (connecting to the other end of the platform, and shown on the right of the bottom photo), and hope it hasn't been dropped or something.
  4. Is that the one in the mid block arcade on the north side of 42nd? It doesn't mention the passageway that is apart of, but instead mentions this new entrance connected with 1 Times Square.
  5. It just occurred to me, the pick doesn't start in September, so this is going to be a supplement?
  6. That had to be some other problem; otherwise, they wouldn't say there was NO service east of Crescent.
  7. They used to have yellow also, for something inbetween; either part time, or a high wheel entrance, where there was no fare booth, and you could only enter if you already had a token. (and red was exit only).
  8. I had wondered if some 's could be extended to Church to allow the to run express, though the objection is usually that Cranberry is at capacity.
  9. Or, you could just tie in the current Essex bound Chrystie tracks to the 2nd Ave. line, and run the up that way. There still might be some resistance to the loss of 6th Ave. service, but it's still Midtown, and not going back to the old poorly used Nassau service. As others have said, that is too popular to give back up now.
  10. Every time I pas through there, I look for a spot they could place it, but it would be difficult, and require the removal of many columns, which then would require massive structural work (the ceiling) to replace the support.
  11. To run M via 8th still doesn't solve the problem of capacity to add back the V, because they would all still be running together through Bway-Laf. That's just one station to merge in before and merge back out after, but it would still cause the same congestion.
  12. At one point at least, they already had some trains (probably more than two) running express. That was when they were still working on the signals or something? Not sure when that finished. Didn't know if they still ran some express, "unofficially". They make it sound like such a big deal for the local stations, but it's just two trains, and as we saw, more than that have bypassed for other reasons.
  13. But it's just two each during the morning and evening rush hours. https://www.amny.com/transit/f-express-train-1.33648949
  14. What I heard is that it is a specially funded project, and it's been winding down, and not renewed.
  15. I think it was because of the aluminum side strip, as opposed o the carbon one the rest of the fleet got, which rusted and allowed rust to get to the frame.

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