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  1. Love the "new content" border; some threads move so fast, it's heard to remember what I last read, and will especially be good when the first unread post is the first one on the new page; don't have to go back and check the previous page.

    1. Harry


      Glad you like it!

  2. Not me; I'm on the M on the weekdays.

  3. Not boring; just too much with four trips, especially around Crescent St. and the other slow timer areas.

  4. Yeah, I miss it over there. Grew up over there as well, Was looking forward to them reorganizing the districts into BMT and IND instead of South, North and Queens, so I could pick back over there on the weekends, and still have the (M) on weekdays instead of getting stuck with the (J) on the weekends. But they've apparently scrapped the idea.

  5. No, i haven't been fortunate enough to be in one of those G.O.s. (Essex St). They're almost always overnight, for one thing.

  6. The (M) is better. Only two trips. I get stuck with the 42's on the (J) sometimes. I think it's time for them to go already.

  7. No; I'm and the (J)(M) now, and a few days back (last week) I was on vacation anyway.

  8. No, I'm on the (J)(M) now (for over a year now).

  9. Eric B

    Whenever it all goes through (and the car assignment changes make significant progress).

  10. I was over there for years, but got tired of the traveling. So now I'm over here close to where I live. (was waiting for the new cars, and better jobs to open up).

  11. Eric B

    Whenever they do it. (I just fond out about it, just now reading the forum).

  12. You might have, because I was still over there a year ago (pick before last). You can even see my profile picture taken on the train at Stillwell.

  13. No, not any more. J/M now.

  14. How are you and KR getting these custom avatars? That's what I intended my color changing one to be, but it doesn't allow you to upload your own, and once I ffound a different way to do that, but it said animated gifs's are not allowed; now I don't even remember how I got to that place. Is this some admin thing, or based on post count?

  15. Eric B

    >In addition, an R32 set appearing at Coney Island.


    I've made the updates to my page recently; including the R32 at CI.

  16. Eric B

    I guess I was waiting some further changes. Perhaps when the changes to the (C) occur. I forgot where I've left off presently, but what is it; two fleet retirements recently, and the (V) swap, and the rest is just slow replacement.

  17. OK; I just saw from the font's site (which has the tmplate of all characters) that the character § (ALT + 167) is the full blank character I was looking for. So I downloaded it, and when I print it in word and increase the size to 72 points; I can see it.


    So thanks a lot!:tup:

  18. >blank thing with no text.


    No, no; sorry. I meant the blank yellow segments for the actual lit letters. Each letter is made from lighting those different shaped segments, and I was wondering if you had a blank "lit" (yellow) template you make the letters on, (with the segment markings), not the black background. I wanted to see the whole pattern.

    And this is for the LCD R142 signs, not the LED B-Div or bus signs.

  19. >I made all the templates for them myself. I could PM the template images if you want.

    The template for each letter? I'm interested in the blank template (all segments lit).

  20. Say, where can I see the blanks for the LCD sign lrg says you made for people? I always wanted to see the whole layout of segments, but I've never seen one fully lit (i.e. not displaying a character).

  21. Eric B

    Say, where can I see the blanks for the LCD sign used in your signature? I always wanted to see the whole layout of segments, but I've never seen one fully lit (i.e. not displaying a character).

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