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  1. RTS Junior! Even moreso than the low floor version of the actual RTS, including the one picked up by Millennium. (Seems all of this has been forgotten by now) Too bad they didn't catch on. I rmember you or someone at some point mentioning some company considering reviving the fishbowl, but it was like a secret. What ever came of that, and which company was that?
  2. Looks like they're cutting out going under track 4 to connect it, but I imagine they might still use it between the two control areas on that side. (Again, it was in fact promised to the tenants of the new building, so they would at least have the indoor access to 6th ave.). Here's the final video I did (for that direction):
  3. Here I did a long planned video of the whole walk from 6th to 8th. Will have to redo it and figure how to affix my phone to the hshopping cart I had, so it would be a smooth run. https://www.facebook.com/eric.bolden/posts/10225613226695004
  4. Just came from there. It's a completely different passage than the one originally planned, even up to fairly recently, when they produced that map for the finished complex. I head straight to the northernmost mezzanine to find nothing has changed, and the passage is still walled off with no sign of any soon opening. So I think, is it only partially open, perhaps from the mid block arcade to Times Sq. with the 6th Ave. portion what will be completed next year? But there's no change there either (though there is some sort of construction going on on the sidewalk just east of there). So I enter from TSQ and head down the shuttle platform, and find the passage that just goes straight ahead to the stairs to the 6th Ave. platforms in what seems to be an all new area. I didn't even know where I was coming down at. In the past plan drawn up, it was supposed to go downstairs from the shutle and cross under 4 track to access the sidewalk vault of the north side of 42nd St., which would lead to the arcade and the 6th Ave. north mezzanine. But this passage seems to be right under 42nd St. (I guess they just made it the former trackway, to save the extra construction of going under the other track). I wonder if they're still going to use the north vault (Durst) passage, which I believe was already constructed when the Durst building was built [and again, promised to its tenants], and perhaps at least have it connect to the arcade. What they should do, it connect it to the old sealed up underpass from when the shuttle was the original mainline. The arcade entrance would include the ADA access, and I thought all new construction had to have the ADA additions, but there weren't any on what I saw today.
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/06/arts/design/nick-cave-42nd-street-subway.html Just saw this in NY1 "In The Papers". It at first, erroneously says "corridor connecting Times Square and Grand Central Station", then one of te photo captions says accurately: "which links the Times Square-42 Street station to the Bryant Park station". Says it will be "unveiled" Friday, so does that mean that at least part of the passage will open? (to other displays will be installd next year). It's now been 12 years since the passage was constructed and promised to the new 1 Bryant Park tower (BOA) tenants. So now, we have an actual glimpse of it. Pretty colorful artwrk, but the passage is pretty narrow; kind of like the old Gimbel's passage. Is brightly lit, though. The orange, yellow and dark blue vertical lines on the right wall basically evoke the three subway lines that are now linked (though it seems to omit red for 7th Ave.)
  6. Just saw the news story when my wife told me about it. but this morning; I got to see it for myself (including the ramp they had for the story), during my medical visit in the yard. Totally cool! Been waiting a long time (about 30 years!) for the RGB LED's. Only thing is that with the flush front design, there is little space to stand on when the door is closed. (Seems worse than even the 44/46, even with the indentation they put on the bottom of the door).
  7. I wonder why they keep switching them around. It's like "musical trainyards" now!
  8. From the (J), it does look like it might be over part of the ROW, likely due to the angle of view, but it's hard to tell.
  9. I don't remember them. Where is that posted?
  10. Are there going to be 8 car 211's? I figured they might want to try the open gangway on the (L), but did not hear any definite plan. (Though I'm sure they might remove a car from the test units, to test them over there like they did with the 160A's). This is assuming the 211T is approved after the initial tests. Seeing this nice flush ended car (and with the fancy color changing digital signs) evokes the innovation of the R44 and 46, which were banned from the Eastern div. because of the car length. But if they only order five car units, and don't get any 211T's for the (L), then this could be the 44/46 all over again, with the East forever shut out (unless they ran a five car shuttle somewhere, but they probably won't bother with that). They could get 4 car 211A's to expand service, but wouldn't it be more likely for them to put five car 211 sets on the (as part of making it full length), and just sending the 179's to ENY for the expansion? That looks like the more likely scenario.
  11. It wasn't in the building (that's the still open one on the west side); it was where the newstand is on the southest corner, and you can see the newer sidewalk cement under it. Inside, it has orange tiles and a low ceiling where the token booth was.
  12. Yes, it was reconfigured to the present in the 90's Also, while this wasn't built for SAS; there were often ideas of using it as a cheaper alternative to the new line continuing below Delancey.
  13. That's where they would actually turn, since the switches are between 34th and 42nd. Not sure why they would have to discharge at 34th.
  14. Cool; since we hadn't been hearing as much about the all-electric delivery forecast lately. (Was looking like they were just sticking with hybrid).
  15. Since it was just two trains peak direction, I'm surprised they're even bothering with it; I thought the service reduction would be the end of it. I guess they must have been doing really welll with riders.
  16. It will have to be the 68's added, because the is being extended, and the cut way back, so only that line will have the extra cars for the service, which is on their own line anway. So this will be interesting!
  17. They usually just run the to 34th, so are they doing work on 6th Ave. those weekends?
  18. Some 160's were retrofitted with LED headlights, and they are the standard "cool white" (prob. 5000K)
  19. I saw one passing by Linden/Ave D. by the yesterday. Had never even heard of the route.
  20. This area is horrbly connected. (I call it the "cipher zone"). It's the current system that looks like it was drawn up by someone who has never set foot in the area. The redesign, while of course not perfect, would still be an improvement.
  21. Look at the new big LED sign by the cafe in the Moynihan station, The pixels are now small enough that they could pretty much approximate that sign!
  22. The R39 would be for both Myrtle and 3rd Ave. and thus A Div. sized (since even the B Div. el used A Div. side cars. don't know what they would have done from Central to Metropolitan where it would run with the wider M line cars). IT would basically be an A Div. version of the R38. If I remember correctly, someone not too long ago somewhere uncovered a diagram of it, or something, though I'm not sure now.
  23. That's nothing; these days on Canarsei, some "glitch" they say is causing the work zones around Livonia to stretch for two or three stations! And this has been going on for weeks now! They should just turn the CBTC off for that whole stretch and go WSP; except that there is a gap in the signals around New Lots (especially southbound) for some reason (but otherwise, they're spaced normally, for all the unequipped trains going to the wash, or storage such as the R32 there). But in the midday, having such along "absolute block" under WSP would be better than what they're doing now.
  24. ATP basically corresponds to what they used to call "cab signaling", where your r/y/g is on a screen, in a round dial, with your speed shown via the actual dial, and you have to try to keep it in the green. It's actually more work than WSP (the conventional signal system), because you have to pay attention to this screen in addition to the roadway. When I'm seeing is that the policy is to just turn the ATO off regularly on the outdoor portions of the line (which on the (7) is almost the entire line!) due to the work gangs, and those tend to be the hardest areas for manual operation, because of the grades and curves, with sudden speed limit drops. (Another term I had never heard until qualifying is "Movement Authority Limit", which is basically what was known as the "moving block" —as opposed to the old "fixed block", for the area ahead that CBTC control has been granted to each train approaching. That's when you see the signals start to flash green.

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